The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


So i’ve moved Chimpski back to the centre and brought a guard in to the far right…

Maybe needs a bigger guard on the left but the launch pad should do a good job of balancing him out…?

Gonna do my Line Art next because i’ll probably change it as i paint anyway!


Hey bug boy, glad to see you back! I’d nearly given up hope…but with the way you work (i.e quickly, yet producing quality stuff), I’m expecting another winner. :smiley:

I preferred the perspective the way it was before, with everything pointing to the moon and chimpski in the centre standing proud with his son in his arms. I think you should go with that one, it’s much more heroic and emotional! Like a soviet promotional poster…


hey Jonny, glad to see you back in action, wish you the best of lucks, but you must hurry.


So here’s my line art!

Not exactly neat or developed, but all the information i need to start painting.

As i mentioned earlier, i’m hoping to get this done predominantly in Painter, and i’ll keep updating with WiP’s. I’m hoping that an early morning hour or two each day between now and the deadline (with a couple of more substantial evening sessions) will see it finished.

I’m not sure about the guard in the foreground but i like the suggestion of force in the muzzle of the kalashnikov pointing in the direction of Chimpski… so i’ll work him up on a layer and make a decision later.

Next up… Base Colours.

paperclip: This is much closer to the original sketch and, if anything, everything is pointing more at the moon. Hopefully the colours will accentuate that and give it some of that soviet poster vibe. I may shrink Chimpski a little as i develop the image… Hope you like it!

ramixton: Cheers! And i’m gonna hurry!!


Ooh, I know- lean the russian guy on the very left ‘in’ a little and exaggerate his perspective, he’s throwing it off a bit. Aside from that, great stuff and I hope you update lots so I get to see another duddle work in progress! How’s daisy now btw?


Cheers for the comment on the guard… i was editing my post to mention him and we crsossed in the magical interweb ether…

And Daisy is just the most fantastic little girl! She sleeps all night and laughs and smiles all day and i love her to bits!


You should make a little chimpski soft toy for her. :smiley: That would be cool!
What sort of color scheme are you going to go for here? I hope you’re merrily at work now…


I think i’m gonna go for big blue sky sunny day type colour scheme with one of those nice daytime moons with the buildings and spacehip fading off a bit in the distance, and some dark russians and a bright orange suited Chimpski&son. I did conisder a night time launch but i think i’ll stick with daytime.

And, nope. I’m not working on this. Got some real work to finish off before tomorrow. I’m hoping to do a bit more on Chimpski before i go to bed tonight. Although i did a very quick fiddle with that guard in the near left. I’ll post it now as an upadted Line Art.

The cuddly toy’s a nice idea… I’ll just have to improve my knitting skills.


A little update… and a very rough Line Art.

Colours next.

(cheers theresa!)


nice to see youre back i was afraid youre going to leave this monkey unfinished


Good to see you posting again, Jonny! Were you guys all on an E3 crunch? Or were you working on another cool magazine article?

The perspective, especially on the left, is bothering me a little: The men are leaning left towards one vanishing point, but the buildings are leaning right towards the moon and another vanishing point. It’s not nearly pronounced on the right side, and I thik that’s what bothers me the most: It should be the same. Me, I don’t mind the 2 v.p.s, only that they it’s not symettrical across the piece. So if you’re going to be inconsistent, be consistantly inconsistant! :slight_smile:

But I’m not worried about your ability to get this done. You pulled it out with less time last challenge, I’m sure you’re quite on your way yet again. Good luck!




want to trade ?



Just another tweak to the Line Art!

(Cheers Mike! Did a transfrom on the guards either side to match 'em up with the vanishing point!)


hahaha… we can’t believe our luck half the time. Although, just as i pressed ‘reply’ i heard her screaming downstairs! Must be another ‘learning to walk’ accident!

And i know you wouldn’t trade…

individium: Cheers! And i can’t leave it unfinished! Hopefully it’ll get done by the end of next week!


Hi Mr D!

Glad you’re going to try and finish this. And interesting you’re using pre-dominantly Painter as well. The line art looks fab.

I’m not going to get mine done… again! I’ve been too busy, so I’m quite sad at that, but it’s good I suppose…

How’s the house?



Hi ALy

I hope you’ve had lots of ‘fun busy’…?

I’m not sure i’ll get it done… but i’ll try my best. Lots of work work to do and we’re off to Wales camping for a few days next week. But i’ll give it a shot. Shame you’re not gonna finish… And i see you’ve taken on the LMS2 thunderdome with MAtt!? Bonkers! (i had a real good think about it but was worried it’d be too much of a strain!)

No offer on the house yet…Boo!!

We need another night in the Sun Inn… in a couple of weeks perhaps?


Welcome back duddle, good luck waiting to see ur progress bud, hope to see this in the end dude!:thumbsup:

EDit:You entering the thunderdome at all, over at CA?


Camping! In May, in the UK! You’re mad you are! :wink: But I 'spose the van’ll keep you nice and warm… remember what happened last time you went camping in Wales… :wink:

The house’ll go soon… I’m sure. BTW, you heard they were going to build a Tesco’s on the ESSO garage lot? Erk!

Sun Inn… defo! I’ll text you…


Hey, you´re still in the game. That´s good news.
Love your concept and style :slight_smile:


I did a quick-ish paint over of the line art in Painter IX… about an hour or so fiddling with Painter’s lovely brushes.

You’re gonna have to bear with me with Painter because i’ve just started using it and have (rather foolishly?) decided to use it for my challenge piece.

These are base colours and i’ve painted out a ton of detail but there’s a whole load of painting and detailing to go over the top of this.

The whole imge to come in a couple of minutes…