The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


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Expecting something great from you Jonny, but don’t feel any pressure, k? :smiley:


oOOh!! This sounds fun!

The funny thing is… when we all thought that Leigh was suggesting a ‘Journey’ or a ‘Quest’ with her clues i was thinking of a little fella on ‘mouseback’. I’ll sketch it…



Thanks Michael! I reckon the pressure’s gonna be just finding the time…


Here we go again Mr D! Good luck Jonny! ‘The Journey’ eh… Sounds like our trip in to work every day!


Wassup Johnny, I love to see ur work all the time good luck!:thumbsup:


A very quick 15 minute sketch (from some mouse reference!)

This ain’t concrete… I’ve thought of some other ideas so i’m gonna be loading up lots of concepts over the next few days.


Booo… there’s no thumbnails yet!

Ho hum…


Holy crap that was quick pictureness :eek: hehe, can not wait to see what you come up with this time Jonny! Best of luck to you.


Damn johnny, He ready!:thumbsup:


hey nice quick start from you too , jonny boy! :thumbsup:



whoa~johny ,u r fast~thought of wishing u goodluck and u have started off firmly.good stuff mate.i’m looking forward to see how this develope:thumbsup:


Hey Jonny! Woo, concepts already! I love the mouseback fella, really good for the very first concept… I’m certainly subscribing to this one. You should put a daisy in the background for your little girl. :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun, I’ll be lurking…lurking…lur…


Aint you finished yet?

Cuh… :rolleyes:

Ill be keeping my eyes peeled (ouch) for this un


Looking nice Mr. Bug! Maybe next time I’d like you to be a bit quicker :smiley:


hey duddlebug, loved your entry in the last challenge as well as watching your process - so good luck on this one - looking like you’re off to a flying start!


Posh: Haha… maybe i should just illustrate that? Me and you getting into my camper van and driving over the snowy moors to work…? A bit ‘Fear and Loathing in Derby’ perhaps!?

beelow: I’m ready… got some stuff i need to do today… but from tomorrow i’ll be flyin’!!

Elsie: quick yes… but very very rough. I’ve got another idea involving a space rocket… :slight_smile:

Squibbit: quick-ish maybe… but i’ve not got out my colouring pencils yet (like some people). I can’t wait to see what your going to entertain us with!

sh@ke: Thanks Michael! It’s a fab topic! And it’s got my creative juices flowing already… just need time to let those juices dribble on my screen…

paperclip: Thanks Theresa… i’d imagine the mouseback fella with a crwod of musicians behind him and little folk waving banners from branches. But i’ve got some other avenues for investigation first…

AndyH: Don’t peel 'em!! Not till i’m done!

MichaelMotion: I wanted to get something down quick. But it’ll probably all change…

Overchord: Thanks a lot! I’m a bit worried i’m doing too many processions!! Maybe i’ll have to think a bit laterally…?


oooh, this looks exciting already! I can’t have to see where your journey ends up going, whether or not it follows this little guy.


U should make Posh all Emo and stuff, hehe! :smiley:

I hear that Johnny, Let see what u got, beat Posh if he does not finish this time for me will ya!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Mr Duddle!
Always a pleasure to watch your progress, I’ll definately be keeping an eye on this one.
Good luck