The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


i LOVE the tree on the hand, thats what first caught my attention, excuse my ignorance, but i dont think that was there before…but if it wasnt, bravo on adding it. Bc it fits perfectly!

and my image worked, it sent! haha and i got the email, thanks man :slight_smile:

i love this one though, its great all around :slight_smile: nice poem too!


I touched up my entry again because when I showed it to my good friend who was also my former art lecturer, he pointed out an area in great need of further development: the water! Now he has proclaimed it satisfactory, so I am finally at rest!

I copied and pasted the story and poem here because its part of the requirement.

No Peace Within

I have committed the greatest and vilest of sin:
I have brutally tortured and murdered my kin.
My being is stained with their blood under my skin,
And my soul will not rest for I have no peace within.

A giant knife carries me through the sea of blood,
Many dead hands push me past the sickening flood.
I am brought to a place built on the bodies of my kin,
They brought me there for I have no peace within.

I tried to resist with the knife in my bloodstained hand,
The corpses of my family persuading me to land,
While the crows mock me to wear my dignity thin,
My heart is already broken for I have no peace within.

I know I am here for all the things I have done,
I have come here to revisit my crimes one by one.
They are waiting for answers to redeem me for my sin,
Lest I fail, I shall never have any peace within

This is a story about a boy who murdered his whole family. He bordered on insanity and to save him, the ghosts of his family whom he killed, brought him to this strange world made up of their own corpses. There, he will revisit his past and its connection to his crimes in order to solve the question of his intention to kill each member of the family. Along the way he will face his own demons and his journey to salvation is only beginning.

Okay, I gotta resubmit my final TIFF file now. Sorry for the trouble, administrators!

Oh, a BIG thank you to you all, especially Walrus, Paperclip, individium, Mason_Roberts for your constant visit and crits! If I have forgotten anyone here, a big thank you to you too!

Long live The God-Rays Club! See you all at the next challenge!


Well Done Jerome, it’s a great piece. Not doubt a winner. :thumbsup:

Would you mind giving the rest of us a chance by not helping so many people. I saw what you did for Theresa (Paperclip). It really helped her piece but how the hell are the rest of us going to get anywhere with you experts working together. :eek:

By the way my next post will give you God Ray guys a bit of a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:



hey moo boy, congratulations on that fantastic work, it’s going to be a winner for sure!

Thanks for your help with my piece, it helped enormously. :love:

We can discuss the God-rays club by msn, just add me to your list and I’ll add you to mine and we can scourge cgtalk with our god-raying :smiley:


If there’s a prize for greatest number of final images posted, I think you’ve got it nailed!
So, as they say on a TV show here, “Is that your final answer?” 'Cause I’m tired of saying “congratulations on finally finishing” every 2 days with your piece! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I’m just kidding you, glad you finally got it to a state where you think it might be completely finished. It’s been fun watching your progress along the way, and thanks for your help on mine. And yay, god-rays club, the club so open it’ll take anyone at all, no matter what’s in their picture. (I’ve already started a new painting. It doesn’t have any god-rays in it either.) Anyhow, see you 'round…!



looks perfect now. good to see you nail the water. this is definately one of my favourites. Its delightfully twisted. good luck.


EdP-Ed: Sorry, man. Hope you don’t mind. I find it easier to send my point across by doing paintovers. Thanks for your support all this time! Really appreciate it!

TheresaClip: Yeah, boy, do we have great ideas for our club!!! Can’t wait to unleash it on the community!

Wal-Mike: I am very indecisive when it comes to the final stage. I always want to add more stuff in or change something, but enough is enough. So you can send me your congratulations because this is it! :smiley: LOL Thanks for your help and support! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us in the future!

domclubb: Glad i finally nailed the water. I have one person to thank for it: My former lecturer Loo Kin Sun! Thank you for your kind comments!


Congrats for your final piece! It’s really amazing!


definetly one of my favorite pieces here, suberb job bro =)


Very imaginative work. :thumbsup:


That’s one sick, disturbing, freaky, morally challenged picture. And you made a poem out of that!?


Go get some professional help, tee hee just kidding!

I’d like to try to explore this side of me some other time, this is very interesting.

I’ll vote this one if didnt enter the challenge.



I liked it without the tree, it feels too cluttered now, but it’s up to you… Either way it’s still an awesome piece! :thumbsup:

Good luck in the judging!


Hi Jerome. I’m sorry for not stopping by your thread before. Your image is amazing man, I think it could be a winner. I must recognize it disturbs me , the story and the concept makes me unconfortable, that’s the point you want to reach, I think. Fantastic work man, great technique and great style, good luck from now on.


Wow, I didn’t see this until now. (Yes, I know, I’ve been naughty and lazy.) Fantastic… imo you tie for first place with the rain-forest fairies who had their tree cut down.


medunecer: Thank you!

adonihs: Hi Dan, thank you!

InTerceptoV: Thanks, mate. I try!

skyisnotthelimit: Heya, heh heh, glad you like the twisted concept! I’ll be curious to see how you bring out that twisted part of yourself in the future!

Mason_Roberts: Howdy, how’s work getting lately? Heard you are too busy to finish this cgchallenge?

Ramitxon: You are right, I intended to make people uncomfortable with this theme. Somehow inside of us all is this dark side that we wanted to hurt our close loved ones in any way any form. I’m exploring this section of our human nature.

Stahlberg: Wow, coming from you, that’s high praise! Thank you for dropping by, Steven!

4 more days to Closing Date!


Hi Jerome

It struck me that we could make a story with a number of pics from this challenge. Here’s the bones of it…
A Soul gets drawn down into the physical worlds (see EdP-Art )
The Soul gets a physical body and is born (see BlackDidThis )
It goes through many tasks and adventures (here’s just a few suggestions MrFreeman

You might even put it to poetry :slight_smile:



Wow, that’s a nice idea, Ed. But I think we all have enough of looking our our works, especially after 3 months! But I’ll keep that idea in mind. Maybe we can include that as an article in our The God-Rays Club Newletter! :smiley: Why don’t you start putting this idea together and send it to us? TheresaClip and I have been trying to get it started lately.


hi jerome

good luck on judging, i’m sure you’ll win an award,
thank you for your comments at my thread

nice knowing you!

and dont forgot to inform us of the activities of god-ray club. it can be a new art movement maybe (a fun one) in the future…

may the god-rays be with you! :smiley:


What are you guys thinking of doing with the God Rays Club? If I can help just let me know, it should be a bit of fun.




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