The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Jennifer Phillips


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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: original background


Sketch using Photoshop of charater pointing into the distance saying… “Look! Gold coins! There is gold out there…come journey with me and we will all get rich!” Wish I had a tablet rather than just a mouse!


2 background images created in Terragen and rendered (not line art but there isn’t a drop down menu).


I worked all night to get the fat man with a beer belly finished! I used Photoshop to colour him. I have added a photo of a coin and duplicated it to see what it will look like.


This is a mix of 2D and 3D. I have joined the two background images and changed the colouring and cloud in Photoshop. I drew a bag in Photoshop and added shadows…used the clone tool to change a few strata lines and burn tool on the man…not the final colouring…still atmospheric elements to add


i didn’t get what you were discribing from looking at the pic.

maybe it’s because he looks like a tourist and not a prospector. if a prospector were showing someone else in the scene some gold and trying to convince them to come with, that might tell your story better. also, if the prospector were a really seedy looking character, it would be a really hard decision for the person being asked.

good luck
and have fun,


This is the first person I have created on the computer…quite challenging…learning lots as i go…haven’t painted one since I was quite young! I have drawn the coins now…still working on this.


No epic journey would be an epic with an adversary of some kind and here is mine:
…and he left his laptop unattended for just a moment, but that was all the time Lortnoc needed to worm his way towards the backpack (his real name was Lord Nocs but Lords had been out of favour since the revolution as everyone knows)…


…he would need some climbing gear to get to the bottom and the journey would be a lot longer than it appeared
… it wasn’t just over the rock as it appeared to be. Distances are often deceptive like that…
Now the thing about computer worms is that they can replicate themselves very quickly and Lortnoc’s accomplice was there with a helping hand…
(beginnings of second character)


These are the settings I used to create the background images in Terragen. I also used Terrapainter to draw the terrain map for the pyramid.


Dr. Krad was very clever or rather that is how he perceived himself, which is not how other’s viewed him…anyway he had what appeared to Deerg the perfect solution to his snakes and ladders problem…just the thing to help him begin his journey by descending the great rock.
(This character was fun to draw…I am finding it easier this (second) time)


I have been playing around repositioning everything. Not sure that this works. Maybe I should have the man reaching for the snake rope with his back pack on his back.


What do you think???
I think I will take out the old man and put this girl in instead and have the overweight man reachig nout to her instead of having money in his hand!


I think this idea might tell more of a journey story than the previous one. I have put some of the optimized jpg files together to see what it will look like. I will move the man forward a bit and maybe bend him over with his outstretched hand.


Here is the outline of the changes I made to the man. The new warp tool in Photoshop was helpful…saved me a lot of time redrawing this image.


whoah! i turn around for a minute and your getting all funky brained! i like the direction this is going now. a much more visual storytelling kind of thing. kind of reminds me of the movie dreamscape with dennis quaid. (if you’re old enough to remember that one)



I have added a map and completed more of the bag…adding two paint brushes! I might change the cup to a drinking bottle…I like the look of a cup but a bottle might fit the journey idea better…not sure if the man will stay in that position.


The girl’s hair took 5 hours and 48 layers. This is nly my third attempt at hair, but I am pleased with my progress.


You seem to have an interesting way of working. I can’t wait to see it finished. The hair looks great. Keep it up! :smiley:


I thought I needed a more dramatic look so have warped teh rocks and deleted the man…simple may be better.