The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Ibrahem swaid


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Latest Update: Final Image: Pilgrimage to “Suntheteca”


good luck and have fun , max



Good luck!


thanx guyz … so far am trying to find an idea … a good one … :slight_smile:


Going slow… This is the first sketch for the machine. Still am trying to build something in here … I have more sketches that I want to combine together to get the final piece.


Kind of funny machine. trying to make it convincing in a way,


here are some of the characters , going to add more, need alot of work


looks like the hero of our story here…


Really nice sketches, when do we get to see the whole concept? :slight_smile: Looks really interesting so far :slight_smile: Good luck!

And you REALLY gotta use the guy with those large teeth! He’s hilarious :applause:


realy nice sketches i’m also waiting for your final idea until now all are so interesting, but what i didn’t understand quite much the machine they are on.

good luck it is so hard to me to win a challenge with all this great artists.


This is finally the idea that am going to paint. I am trying to draw something that will look a part of a story, rather than drawing people starting a journey. Here I draw Kazan (much older) and his friend (unnamed yet), trying to pull the machine gun up on to the roof of the tank(or machine), for more protection after it trapped in the sand storm. Suddenly they found themselves surrounded by these little creatures (the snail furies)… so this is the idea so far. Am working on more sketches from different angels. Comments more welcome.


Details for the prevue sketch…


i changed the idea . it still about Kazan and that creture … so this drawing is just the bigning for the new idea


just trying to render the environment around the characters


finally i think i found the right idea. so here is the sketch …


i just started to color this piece …


coloring kazan … good so far


I’m amazed that almost no one has replied yet. The sketches look amazing and the coloring start as well. Great personality in your characters too!


here is the image with some changes to the colors … story is much better now …


Koekebakker thanx a lot for replaying here … glad that you liked the work…

i started to notes that people here replay when they see things in color … that’s y I think no one replayed except you … :slight_smile: