The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Giuliano Bròcani


Little update.
Repainted the sky (again!), defined texture for the hill and started to fill the beach with soldiers.


Hi gialiano, interesting idea and so dangerous journey yikes.


very cool piece… i’m doin’ a war image as well, altho mine focuses on vietnam… like the character’s in your painting, as well as the sense of action and tension. nice work! looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.


Ouch, the time is up and i need to do a lot of work ! Now only detailing, deatiling, detaing until the end.


Very cool. Maybe you can make the guy’s that is looking back eye more visible? I don’t know why it bothers me…


Hey I really like the work you’re doing here, The main character’s expression really shows the feeling of the moment and the shots in the water keeps us close to thye sense of danger. I’d like to add some suggestions
-Make the whole picture a little bit mor grainy, or add a upper layer with “old photo dirts” effect (only keep it smooth) in order to give a little more aged and obscure sensation, this would help with the sense of chaos without adding unnecesary elements that could break up the composition, a little bit of broken edges may also work.
-I feel its not necesary to turn all the water red in the picture (Because they seem to be in the first wave), but what about a little blood inside and out the helmet? just try to keep the Blood as Dark-Red as possible to no distract the attention too much.

  • Try to research the helmet insignias of the soldier’s battalion.

And that’s all for now, I can’t really think how can this image can be imporved Its truly epic and amazing:D



Thank you guys for the sweet words.

Srulo, yes the eyes now are more lighten.
Carlos, yes agree with dirty finish (i’ll try something in the final version).
The helmet sign that I saw are numbers in red sqare (like mine second charachter).

Well, Ive added a new soldier to improve the ‘visual path’ and focus on the bunker/beach/europe…where the journey begins.


:bowdown: Bellissimo! Questo disegno e uno de i miei favoriti, molto epico e dramatico…

Well, about the new soldier it really FITS within the composition, I like the diagonal line u used (from the main character’s hand to the big splash in the water) to make picture-reading more easy, thus the new soldier adds a LOT to the picture.
My suggestion wold be that maybe you can make the splash of water behind the new soldier a little more taller and move it to the left (near the soldier’s forehead) in order to show the precise moment of impact of the bullet, this may help it look a little bit more dramatic.

Spero che lei sia uno dei Vincitori, sei tutto un artista :arteest:
Im looking foward to see it finished
:thumbsup: Mucha suerte!


All composition it’s more dark.
edit: the jpeg compression it’s still too bright than my original (sigh!)
Joined all layers (again) and start to texturing.


Very good pic, the ambiance is excellent a the lighting great, the change of brighness is a good choice, very good job


looks almost finished, the detail on the horizon is lacking a bit. maybe some more fog of war on the front, or water spritz… :slight_smile:


Looks alot better darkened up like it’s now. Great work :thumbsup:


Hey Giuliano, nice work! Really sublime sense of color balanced throughout. Good luck in the challenge!


I need to work a bit on the background, the cliff, fog… but i think it’s almost done.

thank you everyone for support and as always the crits and suggestions are really appreciated.


This is one of the best piece in this challenge!

I like the idea and the mood of the pic, but I hope you will put some more colors in it. And there is something I miss … no blood? Maybe you avoided it for purpose? I think that sea was not blue that time …



really lookin’ hot, pal! i’m impressed by your mood, enviornment, sense of action and suspense, as well as your fine handling of detail (especially the water). hope ya’ come out on top in this challenge – very fine work and vision.


It’s a lovely piece. I just noticed it now as I went through the posts.

I think a bit of red in the sea around the floating helmet will add to the sense of the dnager.



Thank you Kevin. i’m really proud to read comments from a real artist like you.

Edp-Art, Izisilver, my bloody friends :wink: thank you for stoppin by, I will try your suggestion, I promise.


:slight_smile: Nice work Giuliano

Maybe not the most cheerful of subjetcs, but you’ve really captured the expressions and emotions of the scene. A few highlights and you should be just about there.

Love the reflections in the water

keep going and good luck


great work dude, everything is well done… may I suggest some orange-yellow bounce lights on the clouds, because of the explosions on the ground…? remember those world war 2 movies?

But even like this it looks very realistic… good luck