The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Giuliano Bròcani


Appliyng the latest suggestion.
More space in the left and an explosion. Cool.
>here’s a portion of the work to show the addition<

One direct hit from the five-inch guns of the destroyer USS McCook in Vierville area (as described in Stephen Ambrose’s D-Day book).
My first attempt. Not bad, you don’t?


I think u need to add some guys running up that hill maybe gun fire, maybe not, your choice dude. Question, are u trying to gauge the viewer with the character in the foreground?

Also would like to see a couple taking a few, mmm, err bullets, here and there, remember this is War!!! Think Saving Private Ryan! But, it is starting to come around!:cool:


hi mates,
i forgot to say that the latest pics here is a portion of the work. Just to show the explosion.

Beelow, answering your questions, I would like to see all the soldiers still in the water or near the beach cause is the “first big wave” of dday men…
…mmm… i’m tryin’ to involve the viewer, put him in the middle of the action and not only spectator. The character look at the viewer (or just behind him), maybe cause are friends, maybe hits by some shot…


very cool choice of topic, definitely the first one i’ve seen depicting soldiers, nice facial expression

good luck


Cool Cool, the update looks great.

I have a few ideas for your color palette… Just wondering if you ahve seen Jarhead. Not the best film but there was this one amazing sceen where they camp out by burning oil pipelines. The best part about this sceen is the intense colors, the sky is just alight, its gloomy but extreemly beautiful at the same time.

Something I was really hoping you might be able to get out of the explosion i sugested was some nice orages, yellows, and maybe even reds to break up the image. Everything is blue/green atm, the uniforms, the water, the cliffs and the sky. So if that is your intention it could work quite well. But if you are looking for some more life from your image I have posted a few images bellow.

If you didnt want to be this daring maybe you could look at just making the sky a dark somber grey. This is a war remember…

Sorry for all the crits, I just really like this piece and think it has alot of potential. congrats and keep it up.


hi tilite,
All your crits are greatly appreciated.
i’m just thinkin the same things. All piece here is too monotone.
I’m searching for references like this (really thank you for the pics!) for the sky and lights, to have a color scheme more rich, but at same time i would like to draw a historically correct version… h6 in the morning, haze, gray and ‘humid’, stuff like this…

i’will try some of the tip you said on the sky and i’m thinking to substitute the hit explosion with a burning/blast with flame and a greasy thick smoke…

thank you again for help and for your patience with my english.


Hey Notpill,

I’m diggin your pic, it’s really starting to come together. The new face, and the explosion adds to the tension. I liked the idea someone else said, about adding a grenade hitting the water right next to the young kid, and having his eyes fixated on it. I think that would really make the tension level rise. Showing just as the grenade hits the water with a splash coming up… that would be sweet, or something should be in the water right there in front of the youngster (Maybe a fallen comrad) so it really nails the point that this kid is just realizing what he has gotten into.

Although I really like the monocramatic quality, it might help to put a little more color in there. maybe as some more reds (like was suggested before) up on the hill top, explosions or something, perhaps not right at the top of the hill, but father back, makeing it look like a lot more action is going on the back side of the hill. having the clouds light up with some reds and organges may give that effect. I realize you haven’t added any of those effects yet and rightly so, but I’m just thinking out loud.

I’m not sure how graphic you want to make this but I was also thinking you could have a bullet ripping through the dudes arm or shoulder, that is right in front of the youngster, or if you don’t want to go graphic maybe a bullet ricocheting off of one of the guys helmets, I think that would be a nice detail. especially since you have all the bullet spay hitting the water.

Also it looks like our main character is holding something in his right hand. not sure if you just haven’t added the gun or what it is he will be holding, or what? I assume it would be a gun. What are your plans for that? Any way I really like how it’s looking and I’m sure what ever you do with it, will only enhance what you already have. I like it, keep up the good work and I’ll check back to see what you’ve done. Good luck. Hope I haven’t rambled on too much. Sorry if I did.



Wich one?
Maybe the explosion on the cliff (A) needs a little of desaturation and less contrast.
And I dont know if a tank can burn like this (i have no references here), but i can substitute with another LCT…
Obviusly the portion of sea between the tank and the beach will be a bunch of obstacles and soldiers.


“A” by miles… but i would move it over to between the guys heads to draw attention to the them a little more…i think as it is it pulls away a little for the painting…contrast it a very good idea but be careful where you are going to place it…


The explosions don’t really add to it… You going to have to make the explosion a tad bit more dynamic and not so cliche’ shaped, if you know what I mean… Also your colour sceme is blue, so don’t add any reds unless they are very dull as you will ruin the emotion that was held in the image before…

Good luck, I liek it so far!


This still turning out to be great pic…

the Tank looks a bit out of scale…

Yes the Warm colors are a bit distracting … perhaps if you had a hit of those same colors mirrored on the other side they wouldn’t make it look so unballenced…

great job though:thumbsup:


I’ve added some new elements…


Very nice! The helmet really adds to the balance. Also the lit face and the relocated fire in the distance makes the image easier to read. Thumbs up! The helmet adds to the story as well, right now it makes you really wonder what happened behind the scared soldier.


Very nice, I really like the changes you made to your composition so far and where it’s leading, good luck :slight_smile:


Ohhh wow!! This looks great! I like the idea of adding warm colours, perhaps you could have the in them in the direction to where they are heading? Use them to lead the eye.

Truly great work! :slight_smile:


wow, this is turning out great. If i might add some suggestions, throw in some squiggly tracer fire racing down towards them, make the water a bit more transparent, add some steam, fog, and FILL that beach with running men. Omaha, Utah etc beaches were filled with soldiers. also there were axis stuka planes that would strafe the beaches, having one of them fly fowards towards them or away from then, while pounding the beach would be pretty cool. id suggest a few more bunkers too, with some muzzle flash lighting them up, more hedgerows… and use this image as a reference if you want, I think youll gain a lot more from them =)

awesome job though

amazing work though, I think this will be a great picture!!!


I am still worried that the character is not strong enough, Maybe try to have it look at us, the audience, and maybe introduce warm colors in the forground of try to have move contrast in the foreground on those characters maybe? But It is coming along really nice, I see that u took that fire up ahead and desaturated it and place it in the center, really nice touch!:thumbsup:


Hi, thank you all for replies and for realy intresting critics.
I tried to stop workin’ on my entry for some day to restart with more freshness.

Adhonis, thank you for the great pics! and mostly in my color scheme! :scream:

P.S. Wich one from pvt ryan?
This one?

…it’s like my shot! :eek:


I like your latest update…with the tank staying in the shore line only and farther from the foreground…the overall placement of the elements now are better…cant wait for the details…cheers!


haha yeah, like that, moodier, epic, cloudy, get that gritty nazi feel in there that u can see in that pic. it LOOKS like a war, you need that :] i think this could go far man