The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Giuliano Bròcani


As usual all comments are nice and really constructive.It’s a great help on my work. :thumbsup:
thank you guys.

i’m agree with u. i don’t wanna put all the focus on the charachter. Actually it’s too important.
I’m thinking something about it… i will post soon some ideas. :slight_smile:


Playin’ with sky.
i’ve erased all smoke fx (i will repaint later) to draw a new sky, more dark.
Then i will try some explosions and a would like to put at least one LC ship.
The composition its a little bit more wide. I like this panoramic visual :slight_smile:


In my opinion the panoramic view works very well with a primarily horizontal and “low to the ground” image like this! I wasn’t sure if it was ok to change the aspect ratio of the contest image so I didn’t do it myself, but if it’s acceptable it’ll work well for your piece.

With the added space, I take it you’re planning to put the LC on the left edge of the image? That spot looks just about perfect for it. Perhaps even have the bunker MGs firing at and around the LC - that’d give reason for the primary character’s worried look back at his squadmates :slight_smile: Like he was thinking “That could’ve been us.”

There’s just one thing about the character’s head that bothers me, although I really like what you did with his face. For some reason, no matter how many times I look at it, his head seems slightly too small compared to his helmet - or rather the helmet is a little bit too large for his head (as his head looks ok compared to his body and that of the guy in front of him).

It could be just me though? :slight_smile:


a suggestion I have now that you have taken out the smoke …

is to concider not putting in back in…

looking at the painting now… with out smoke… make it look more like the guys are sneeking up on a before dawn type raid… it gives me more the sence of antisipation that it did before with smoke… that the battle hasn’t started yet… the Journey has yet to begin if you will…

Anywayz… just my $.02



I like the idea a lot. I think that the guy closest to the viewer’s head should be a little bigger. Good work so far. Nice concept, truely


hi mates
Thank you for support

@puonti: the aspect ratio its ok, i think. in the general info page they talk about “guidelines” and not “rules” about image size. I’ve exagerate a little bit the helmet dimension to suggest a charachter younger and ‘small’ :slight_smile: , then, lookin a lot of foto references about it and it seems to be a realistic condition. I’ve seen many young guns with xlarge uniforms.

@norvman: wow, really intresting suggestion. I’ll think about this one. :thumbsup:

@corey: thank you. (your samurai’s water is in my references book :applause: )


Well, sometimes i use to reflect the work to control simmetry etc. When apllied this trick to dday concept i’m discover a couple of things:
-the light position is now historically correct (the sun it must be left/behind the bunker).

  • watchin’ the composition with guides now perfectly match the ‘rule of thirds’. The bunker is in the hot spot at top/right.

I’m like this version but i wanna know your impressions.


I like it! :thumbsup:

uhmm…maybe the right side is a bit “empty”…i think it would be better with something like a vehicle there, or soldiers…or maybe cutting the image where the smoke begins


Detailing a lil bit, just for relaxing.
Flatted the dunes to see more horizon in the left. I would like to see the skyline of Vierville .
I’m tryin’ to put the plastic bag on the rifle…
Added the LC on the right.


detailing and… i’m tryin to add some shots…


I’ve definitely killed my 1st charachter. This is a brand new head.


2nd one works even better! I like the idea a lot! I would like to see more chaos, not chaotic enough. Good luck!:thumbsup:


Wow, it’s coming along great! This is my favorite 2D entry so far. I agree that the new face works really well, I think it will give a completely new feeling to the whole picture. Much more chaotic. I think you could add some airplanes up in the top left to add a bit more chaos, too. Keep up the good work!


It is nicely painted, but is it a girl’s face though? Otherwise great work :applause:


Very nice…

This second head really I think captures the mood…

And I like the touch of making the face look so young… very well done!

the bullet hits in the water are just awesome too…



Looking great, the new face has more of that scarred sh*tless look, the youth factor works great too.

My only thought is the right siloette of his face may be a little too flat, his jawline could probably be a little more pronounced


I’v added all the soldiers to check the final composition. I think this is my final version (i hope :)), with all charachters and elements in their places. Maybe i’ll put something else during the texturing stage…but this it’s near the final shot.


I think what you are creating here is great, the youth of the character on the left is fantastic. I would remove 1 or 2 or the splashs to the right, they just clump up the sceen. What else that could be cool is a massive explosion on a pillbox atop the cliff. I was thinking you that might be best if you increased the size of the canvas to the left and maybe 1/5th or 1/6th of the current image and place that in there. Would definelty help the composition and the color palette of your image. But apart from that great work.


Thank you tilite.
I think your latests suggestions are great.
Actually I’m workin on all tips you said an i’ll post a wip tonite or soon.

Stay tuned :thumbsup:


the change to the head was an excellent move…i was really hoping you were going to do that for a long time…good stuff :slight_smile:

oh and i really like the explosion idea from above…can wait to see if you work it in :slight_smile: