The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Giuliano Bròcani


You know…the foreground soldier could be looking at something floating in the water, a grenade maybe? Something foreboding…

I like the values, the composition. It just needs work in the distance and a bit more of that ole ‘human element’. If he was looking at something floating, with a scared look look on his face, like he didn’t know what he was letting himself in for before now- maybe he signed up just because his friends were?


wow :bounce: i’m so excited! so many replies.
And all from the people that i respect. You guys inspire me every day on this forum :bowdown: .

@ sh@ke i’m your fan, absolutely. I’m glad to se ya on my thread.
@Mecha thank you. That’s what 'im lookin for: put into the momentum.
@Puonti, @Paperclip, @Zyrinx and @iamawizard - i’m agree with you, the soldier near the camera need s a lot of more expression. 'm thinking something like scare, confusion. Yes, maybe searchin friends in the water or ‘searching’ for encouragemnt.

thank you all for tips and crits. This will be great week end of painting for me. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


i like the fact that you have chosen two people as the focus…i think it takes away the real danger and lonley feeling but at the same time its kind of nice…even more since everybody else in the comp seems to be doing a single person trip (like myself…lol)

keep it comming!!



Hey notpill!
This last sketch has a great angle…
Don’t stop now! :scream: :wink:


Tryn’ to work on emotions and character. Its hard, oh really really hard.


Some head studies for the main charachter.


My suggestion… Take a picture of yourself in that type of pose and angle with a facial expression you’d want to depict on your character and use it as reference… :thumbsup:



sweet :scream: i’ll try this quickly :slight_smile:

thank you


Wow Giuliano, your concept looks very promising! :eek: :buttrock: I’m sure that your final image will show off lots of emotion and mood! The concepts you posted yet look very nice in every case!

Also the head-studies look nice. I agree with ‘ragdoll’ about the trick, taking some good reference will make live easier…! :wink:

Good luck & Have fun! You’ll make something nice out of this - I’m sure!


I’m searchin’ the right expression for main character. This is not a veteran, it’s a boy and i want catch the fear in his face. This is my best version in a bunch of scketches and roughs.
The eyes in this sketch are taken with a mirror and a lot of crazy expressions.


Looking good, he does look like a young gun, his nose is a little too flat even for me… :scream: :smiley:

good luck!



Good job!! He looks young and scared. I like his eyes so far, but as ragdoll pointed out, the nose might need a little more depth.


Its true, maybe the nose it’s also too ‘adult’. I’ll work more on the face.

thank you all for support guys and for help me to make better every time. It works! :thumbsup:


Wow, great idea. This is probably one of my favorites… I love WWII. It’s looking great so far too, keep it up!


Just start to add some detail on soldiers (dress textures) to define colors.


I like your work flow your showing…

I think going back and working a pencil sketch even after you’ve starting in on your color is a a really good idea… I’ve used it many times on non digital paintings… I think it works even better once you start painting digitally…

Nice concept… don’t know if it fits in with the “small as an insect” requirement… but it definately lays out a journey of no return sort of feel to it… and the face work your doing is certainly begining to look emotional…



Thank you norvman.

I’m work with pencils everytime. Every little thing on board (or screen) is a rough at first and then i use the colors. I’m an art director in advertising and my job is 99% made of roughs and sketches.

I don’t know if i’m totally “in brief” with my concept but i love this story with ‘small’ ordinary men in this long epic journey toward freedom.


This is one of the better concepts to come out of this challenge. I hope you can back it up with a great image. All the best


its looking very nice…the guy is comming up nice…

i dont know about his straight looking into the camera but it still looks good…

will keep watching :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



the Water also looks exceptionally rendered…

which reminds me… I need to work on my water rendering a bit…