The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Giuliano Bròcani


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Latest Update: Final Image: Ok, real final entry :wink:


I dunno. Just a rough. I think this was a real epical journey.
Anyway i’m still searchin for the best composition of this concept and i will try another couple of ideas…


…ok, maybe this composition it’s not so ‘epical’ :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try to another sketch lowering point of view.


Antoher sketch. I’m tryn’ to fix this scene cause its too static.


ouff… i dont like so much. :frowning:


i think the idea is very powerful, but try to make the composition alot more interesting and showing the human element…


Yes, ur right. This point of view it’s boring and “deja vue”.
thank you for crit wil :thumbsup:

I really need this kind of stuff. I draw only for fun and this is my first attempt on Painter. :banghead:


actually i really like it!
i think some death will be needed…dunno if your into that kind of imagery but if you were really there it would be all blood and bodies…not like the hollywood crappy movies…

make it dark and dirty and it will be much more powerful!



yes, im searchin’ for some chaotic vision, “dirty and dark” its my goal :thumbsup: .
about the bodies i’m waiting to reach the right shot. My first sketch was something like “what about the first man, in the first wave, in the 1st beach?”.

thank you and every word you’ll write on this topic will be appreciated (and plz be patience with my poor english :slight_smile: )


Could be a very cool subject. Depending all on the colors me think…
The sea was red with blood, right?

Good luck to ya!


well, this is another one. Far from the beach, pov deep in the water.


D-day concept…i like it.

Its an original concept for a theme like this.
I’ll be sure to keep in touch


perfect! a journey towards life or death… add a determined facial expression on the soldier in

the foreground, sort of a “Charge!” expression for an even stronger message…

just an idea… :thumbsup:



awesome … i as thinking about doing something Dday… or germans moving to the frontline…


wow great~the journey on the way for the battle at omaha beach~the guy infront would be shot any minute by now:Dgreat! keep it coming mate~i’m looking forward to this


Very nice perspective and emotion in this concept! Keep it up!:thumbsup:


i think u need 2 put more focus on the soldiers emotions and expressions

good luck pal


Possibly turning the one soldiers head toward the camera a little more could capture more emotion
It’s looking amaizing, can’t wait to see the final


Great sketches and I really like your choice for the theme. I think the last piece is your strongest. Strong layout and great choice of camera angle. I especially like the feel of the water… the way its angled gives the image weight and a feel of momentum. Youve done an awesome job pulling me into the scene. I hope you continue to develope this. It really is a strong image. :thumbsup:


I’m new here, but I figure everyone has to start from somewhere :slight_smile: I think for the most part I’m repeating what’s already been said, but that’s probably just a sign of good points being made.

I really like the changes you made in the latest version, versus the original sketches - the viewpoint being closer to the ocean puts the viewer amongst the troops (which is good), making it “like he was there himself”, if you will. The fact that the two soldiers are looking in different directions is a nice touch, as that’s what you’d expect them to be doing. It makes them more dynamic.

Considering the scene depicted in the image, adding more emotion to the guy closer to the viewer wouldn’t go amiss. In this case that would mean a grim, determined (or frightful, depending on which emotion you want to promote) look on his face as he shouts out encouragement to his squad. If you plan to add more soldiers into the image, perhaps one hunkering behind / holding on to one of the nearby barricades? Something to add to the horror the soldiers felt (while steering clear of graphic depiction of actual death).

I hope this is helpful and good luck in the contest! :slight_smile: