The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dehong.He


gz to you…very good work work


congrats, I knew it would be tough to beat. :slight_smile: That working is more than amazing, it inspires.


Wonderful peice! - moving and inspiring.


Whoohoo!! Congratulations Dehong! Such an absolutely gorgeous inspiring image! Can’t wait to read your tutorials. Beautiful work. Cheers!

Edit: Could I ask you a favor? Would you mind describing the various brushes you used? Those for the detailing seem very “dry” and I’m just wondering what settings you may have used in Photoshop to achieve such a traditional, painterly look. Also, are you using a sponge brush to create the speckled background spots behind many of your characters?

It may be asking a lot, but, would you be able to export and share your Photoshop brushes? (If you saved them??)

Congrats again! (Really like your deep purples and browns in works on your website, too. Very different.)


really good work! Hi,friend,congratulate!!




Im just downloading ur gif file, so that I could see how the magic works :slight_smile: This piece is well deserved a winner one. Such a great piece that I could say its one of the best I have ever seen. So many details, right color scheme and the story in it… masterpiece for sure. I hope to see u in next challenges as well. Best regards!


Holy… wow…


Very unusually it is beautiful, the internal mood of a picture is transferred, is simply remarkable! My congratulations!!! :slight_smile:


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