The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dehong.He


Wow, an incredible work of art. Very very impressive and one of the coolest work I´ve ever seen in this forum. Congratulations!!:thumbsup:


You’re truly a master. Please accept my deepest respect and envy.


I said before, “Nothing left to say”, I was wrong, Is still left to say: CONGRATULATIONS DEHONG HE!! You really deserved the prize!!Your image is sensational!!!


My congratulations, dude.

[size=2]Cherrs, I wish you all the best in future works.


it looks fantastic, but i can’t tell anything about the details, since i could not find a better resolution image, it´s too small to tell…


Congratulations Sir, this is truly a measterpiece in every sense of the word.


Congratulations and sincere thanks for this well-deserved and worthy winner-piece!!


Wow! … This is just FANTASTIC news!!! (Yeah heard it a little late… Was really busy)

I was so fearing that you wouldn’t be given the grand prize I personally thought you had had deserved.

This challange is full of winners… most of them being people I had wanted to see in the list. But for the grand prize I would have not been as happy seeing it any body elses hands.




Congratulation Dehong :beer:

Could you post a bigger version of the image? I would love to use like a wallpaper and love to see all the details better :bounce:


Thanks everyone,I’m sorry I’m late,I have just come back on business.
When I browsed the CG Society news page yesterday , I saw the link of the winner announcement .I clicked the link.

‘Oh my god!My name is on it’ I shouted it.
It’s a great honor for me to be appreciated by guys .I lvoe this contest,I made a lot
of friends in the contest.

So I 'll say Thanks a lot to you guys so much for the support, the couragement and
the kind words .Thank you very much.
Thanks my friend Michael ,he helped me uploaded my work at the last moment of
the contest .

Thanks again!


Congradulations for the award.You really deserved it.:thumbsup:


Kinda stunned for 10 minutes looking at those close-up… speechless… hey!! Im looking at the winner!! Congratulation and thanks fot the close up, really need to see the strokes.

Hope to see you in the next challenge!! :thumbsup:


stunning! one of the best pieces ive ever seen! congrats, you truly deserved it. :applause:


Here’re the 100% partial image, and a little GIF animation. So sorry that the original is too big to contain all the details. Hope you like them!


. …




amazing work, good luck with the challenge


hem… Gball, Dehong here IT’S THE WINNER of the challenge.

Look here



Well, you ment it well, Gball :applause: