The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dehong.He


Damn, close-ups are already there, I just didn’t look at previous pages… sorry for that :smiley:


woww… amazing!! :eek: congratulations and good luck!


Simply astounding. Amazing use of the medium. Congrats for your masterpiece!


Oh my God!! Masterpiece!! Man, the horses, the soldiers, the Water creatures…Oh my …!!
Nothing left to say!:eek:
Congratulations!!And Good Luck!!


Grandious! Like a greek mith… I love it! :applause: :eek:

cheers: Kornél


Mammma mia! You are genuine monster of painting! It’s great, congratulation and good luck on judging.






Awesome work! The composition and colours are great.:slight_smile: Good luck with judging.


wonderful :buttrock:!!! one of the best images i have ever seen:applause:.
good luck


I love the concept…the way you have captured the character of the waves is dramtic. beautifully executed! Well done!


This is such an amazing piece, I can’t stop looking at it !!! Definately one of my favorites. ^^ It was awesome to see your process, thank you so much :slight_smile: . I hope you get one of the top prizes!


Well done!
Best of luck!


amazing work!very nice and powerful~strong as usual~keep on and good luck~haha hope we meet again soon~come on:bounce: :bounce:


Beautiful work. Terrific dynamic motions. Good luck with the judging.


this is like a priceless traditional painting.congrats, good luck with the results


Absolutely Amazing! Great concept, great colors, fabulous technique… a masterpiece.



I’m absolutely without words.


This piece is truly epic. Amazing work.

Good luck with judging, my only concern is I am not entirely sure it represents the beginning of the journey, more like the middle. Just my interpretation, though.


It’s a a a great pic i’v never seen!
You conjured with whit it.
You are my godliness…


哥们 太强了 希望以后能看到你更好的作品!!