The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dehong.He


:eek: Whaouuu Very impressive picture… Good luck for the vote. What is your Resolution work ?


really really awsome and vibrate sky man!


argh , the details really make the pic and they’re too small to see!

thanks for posting the closeups, great pic!



One day in 1502, a great sailor’s standing on the ship and enjoying the sunny weather and quiet sea. Suddenly a gale’s blowing and the sky’s getting dark. The compass stopped working,a flame came down from the sky,and a wave 1 00 to 200 feet high carried the ship about a mile away. This ship lost control and be pushed by the wave. Fortunately it didn’t sink after several days’ jolt. And so strange that the storm stopped in a sudden and the weather return to calm and tranquil quickly. The great sailor is just Christopher Columbus. And this sea area called Bermuda triangle from then.

This story gives me inspiration of artistic creation. In my image I humanizes nature into fish-man waves and knights clouds. They are the gods of sea and sky and proceeding an epic war that never ends even to date.

Compare to the strong and powerful nature, human is so weak and small. But humans never stop the feet of exploration. Till now almost every inch of the earth has left the footprints of theirs. Even the universe and other stars have been visited by them. Human’s spirit of exploration is worth admiring and just because of it, the people’s society could keep advancing and become stronger and stronger. But at the same time, nature is losing her mestery and dignity little by little.

I try to express the theme of the nature’s mystery and human’s exploration spirit. The sea is so magnificent and dangeous when she whips up huge waves to the sky. And the knights clouds are changeful and glorious riding on the horses. People on the ship is going to explore the unknow areas, unfortunately, they meet the war between the sea and sky at the very beginning. They are struggling and trying best to keep advancing. Maybe they will arrive at the destination safely, maybe they will meet more marvelous difficulties. No matter what happens, I believe that they will hold the nature in awe.
All right, that’ all. Lots of thanks to all the CG friends, thank you for your support and advices. The work is done, but the journey is just beginning, hope everyone good luck!


very biblic in many ways. great execution man. best of luck. :slight_smile:


waw! There is an incredible athmosphere in your picture.
Congrats! it’s a very impressive scene! :thumbsup:


another wee ant just dropping by to say

:bowdown:BEAUTIFUL !!!

…I think this is where i’m suppose to say goodluck with the judging, but you don’t need it this is a finalist fo sure!


Holy sh!+ man, this is in a league of it’s own… You’re definitely my favorite entry in this challenge. Hope you win this category, goodluck!


Thank you every friend to enjoy my image and left your words here,it’s great honour to be praised by you! And welcome to visit my website to discuss and make friends with each other.

Good luck to every friend!


To Gojira:
Thank you for your post,and good luck to your vote also.By the way,you asked me what is my Resolution work,so sorry I don’t know what the 'resolution’means? does it means ‘final’ or sth else?hehe,waiting for your answer.Gook luck again!


This is an incredible pic, the wave is awesome, it’s a very great work good luck, but this is one of the best pic of this contest


This is amazing- post a bigger version, pleeeasee…

I hope you’re one of the winners! :love:


I really like this a lot - it’s tremendous piece of artwork! (does get lost a bit on the computer screen though!).

Hope to see you up there on the podium! Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Great job ,i love it !


i’m really impressed with your work! :thumbsup: wonderful epic painting! good luck!:bounce:


OH this one is an absolute masterpiece! MY favourite for sure! Congrats.:thumbsup:




really nice creatures

the fishman and the knights…

excellent details

nice concept 2

can feel the massiveness of the environment.

cool painting

good luck for the judging…

Sivaprasad Velayudhan


WOW… This is definatly my favourite and where did it come from? I never noticed it untill this point! Fantastic style… I can learn something from you! :thumbsup:

Good luck, a winner for sure!


Awsome painting!! I’m begging you for a bigger version or at least some close-ups!! Please… :slight_smile: