The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dehong.He


Here should be an embryo of the final effect


I have not only gotten my answer by your posted message above…
But now I can definately SEE what you mean.

As “Eye Candy” as it may apear, as “Busy” as it may apear; I have to confess that I loved this image and I am definately enjoying following up on it.

For a big change in my usual nature… I have nothing to criticise :sad:
the adition of the boat saved everything… Well no not everything… unfortunately it saved no one… I meant the image. An adition could have worked only so well.

(And FINISH this!)



Thank you for your supporting from the very beginning, I’ll show you and all friends the best image of mine.


Great WORK! one of my favorite!

Journey 3d


it looked interresting~~good luck!:slight_smile:


i still think this is one of my favs, you better finish this!


Actually I kinda liked the motion of the striking brush stroke on the top image.

Would it have looked better to replace the chariot with a more advancing one of your figures?

Well what ever you do, I would love to see it :slight_smile:


What happened to the post of your image?
There was an update just a second ago!!!


These few days I spent all the time on dealing with the details and the whole effect of the image. It’s really my hardest task till now. And I felt like the people in my work and I were in the same boat. Fortunately I finished the entry. As for ‘they’ ,the people on the ship, and the entry, they still have long way to go, yes, their journey is just beginning…


Detail 1


Detail 2


Detail 3


Detail 4


Detail 5


Detail 6


Detail 7


" Marvellous Journey"done.


" Marvellous Journey"done.


Really lovely mood , motion, awesome image, Congrats and good luck with the judging!!!:thumbsup:


Thank you!~


Congratz on finishing this powerful piece dude, the brush stroke is awesome. the atomoshpere is great as well. lovely!
cheers dude, best luck for u