The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dehong.He


O.O Wow! really really awsome and vibrate sky man! #drools#


This is completely OUTSTANDING!

Fantastic image and very well thought through.

As I look at the little guy (The dark set of blobs in the bottom… in the sea… that s a human right? If not two?) has done serious amount of swimming considering the ships distance and the weather.
But I can understand your reasons of such a placement. It will add so much to the story telling.

My only comment is more like a question actually.
In the areas where the waters darken on the left bottom corner seem to suggest that there is a shore, or that the water is shallow there…
Is it such?

If not… I guess you particularly didn’t want to create both a reason for a shade and/or consider a retracting arc-wave on it some where in order for it to be able to be a part of such a wavy night or not… right?
(Because from someone who has such a successful depiction of a monstrous wave, I wouldn’t expect a lack of observation)

[color=silver][font=Times New Roman]So that just brings me to ask if you are intending on making the whole sea shake from the battle, Or just that particular mound. (Such as to emphasize the magnificence this supernatural activity? And not to kind of simbolise a storm into a sailors myth)[/color][/font]

I am simply enjoying keeping the image open in another window and watching over it.
It’s just amazing… and very, very beautiful.

Will definitely want to follow up on this one.

BEST of luck
and PLEASE finish it.



beautiful texture and motion – the heaviness of the wave and the tension from your composition is wondeful! can feel the suspense…


I so love the motion in this painting, This is eye candy, good luck with it!:thumbsup:


:eek: stunning!! the sketches, the water, the horses… absolutely amazing.
I really need to follow up this masterpiece.


Those horse sketches are just amazing! Your drawing is really spectacular. Compositionally, I’m having a bit of trouble knowing where to look. There are so many things going on all over the canvas and all about eh same size, my eye is just bounging around a lot and isn’t naturally settling anyhwere. I’m not sure whether it was your intent, to make it so chaotic, maybe it just fits the theme of what you’re trying to convey. But anyhow, thought I’d just share that thought. Good luck with the rest of it, there are really some amazing details here.



Looking good. I think this is going to be a great piece when it’s done. My only comment is I think the focal point of the image is a little ambigous. I’m not sure what the main subject here is. The water has a nice feel to it and the canvas looks deep though. Great job so far.


pure visual eye candy. keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


Beautifully painted. Agree re: multiple focal points, which may be helped with lighting emphesis etc in future colourings.

Feels like we are in the middle of an epic event or adventure, but not sure whether I feel like it is just beginning…?

Good stuff tho,



This is a powerful piece ,with strong atomoshpere, great brush works as well
cheers man, wanna see it finish soon


Hello,everyone. Thank you for your encouragement and comment. Following is the answer to some friends’ question.


TO:BlackDidThis Till now everything is still uncertain to what you have seen. I’ll change most of the things now you’ve seen for the final image.
The darken areas on the left bottom corner I want to design two extremely fatigued people whose lifeboat has sinked. They’ve used up their strength on a floating wood and kept screaming towards the little ship which was hard to protect itself distance.


TO:walrus , anticz and QUILLS You are quite right that the focal points of the image are too dispersed now. I’ll change it in the future. I think I’ll focalize the point on two powers, cloud and sea, facing each other. No one knows why they fight again and again. Actually they are proceeding an epic great war. (Here I humanize them to avoid the single theme that only describes just sinking ships and fleeing people under a storm)

So my feeling is, a war between cloud and sea is arising! Black clouds get lower and lower to cover the sea, and the waves raise higher and higher against the sky. They’ll duel in death. Well the Journey happens to meet them. Journey is just beginning and so is the misfortune. Could you agree with me?
The emphasis of the image is the third power metaphorize in it. That is the strong conviction of human beings to surive from the war between two powerful forces. Though the beings look so small and weak, almost have no chance to win. But I believe they’ll be the last winner. Or they’ll disappear in the sea for ever… That depends on each watcher’s imaging. Hope everyone who see the image may give it a beautiful end.


Thank you for your encouragement and comment
If you still have questions, pls post it up I’m willing to answer you and thank you so much for your help. I’ll try my best to finish it, thank you for your sharing again.


really nice painting and great sketches. looks like a classical painting. very nice indeed. good luck


wow… I feel really happy to see this kind of work…It is very sumptuous and i love your technic here. Very well done…:thumbsup:

( )


I watched several clips of the movie about the surfers these few days. Wow, It’s really crazy! The crazy sea just made my spine tingle!


At distance is the troops have started the war. They are warring in blood


Two people on the left bottom corner,I just drew a little to see the effect. Seems the second is better


The forming of the clouds troops~ haha