The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: David Revoy


thanks for the comment on my thread. i’m glad to see i’m not the only one still going through several concepts looking for one that will shine. the first time i did one of these challenges i got in half way and really missed out on this part of the process.

your concepts are inspirational. i love your characters and if you can figure out how to marry them into the more epic landscape you’ll be in great shape. i’m currently struggling with the same thing. it’s not easy.

good luck, can’t wait to see where you wind up.


Here a new sketch, I start to be more near to what I finally want. Picture talk more, and I have less to write a big storyline. – Please forget all “pompus & kitshes” story I write before :slight_smile: Thanks ! –


Hi David,

Man I havent a chance to sit down and browse through the updates but I see you decided to roll with a different piece. I liked the snail but I think this idea may work out more to your advantage depending on how you approach it. I cant speak for anyone else, but I had a few ideas pop up in my head after viewing your last sketch. Im not sure where youre going with it, but I think a dramatic camera angle and still keeping the subject the same may really make this concept really stand out. What ever you decide, I’ll be watching. Thanks again for your comments. Talk later :slight_smile: - J


An evolution of the last sketch, I have a lot of background story in this one, but I prefer shut my mouth for the moement, and maybe deliver it piece by piece till the end if I choose this one.
Thanks for comment & advices, I have the luck to probably have the best of all this 2D challenge topic !


I really like the idea of a little girl or boy releasing a bird and the journey begins for that bird. I think is much much better than your previous ones and even if you have a big story behind this it doesn’t matter because this one allready has a great story that you can get from the picture. However, I would suggest you to keep the idea but work on the composition. The above is allright but I think you can find a better composition. And I’m not really sure you need to have the face in the sky like a poster image. I dont feel it adds anything to the story, yet again I might be wrong since u allready have a story in mind and your trying to reflect that. Anyway, keep it up David!! :thumbsup:


Great looking concepts…

I think your spirialing forest idea has that epic feel to it more than any of the rest…

I think if you did some kind of a combination of the little girl and bird and the epic spiral you would have a fantastic painting…

Sorry your starting over… but I find that sometimes the work you start with usally only end up being the warm up session for the better work after… I am a firm believer in ‘do-overs’

Keep up the good work! it’s looking great!


Salut David,

Well, I am looking forward to your entry in the finished2D section with the snail concept.

Til then I would say try to do many concepts just to make sure you get something you are completely happy with.

While the spiral has a really nice story to it I could not read it easily.

I am still watching…:thumbsup:


Another sketch may be more spontaneous.


This is the start of an old speedpainting never really achieve. I thought it could be a good base to do something similar for a landscape with a character more present for “emotion”.


wow , sweet designs dude :thumbsup:



delightfully imaginative and creative – love the sense of space and perspective. very original creatures, too…


I was inspired by my last shape of last sketch, i will try to arrange them with characters, and make a village of it.


Ok, I will work on this one, I prefer to go on a way less metaphoric and less philosopher, but rich all asking of the challenge. For the “emotion”, it will not be expressed by the main actress ( from back) but by the villager watching her start.


Loris_ & norvman – > Thanks for supporting me ! I change a lot, but now I think I found my way. I will detail this last one a lot to join again the rythms and evolutions of the challenge ( I was a bit outside since 10 days ). Thanks friends.

Squibbit : wow , sweet designs dude :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot, your sentence about this work make me realise the importance of the design of the objects on the drawing, that why in the last I tried to do a special architecture.

jevinart: delightfully imaginative and creative – love the sense of space and perspective. very original creatures, too…

I will try to ad some special element and textures similar to this experience you liked in the drawing I start. May be I will had a big “air” way go to the sky. It’s help a lot to guide the viewer eyes, that’s why I learned in making this surréalistical drawing.
Thanks for comments. !


to be honest i would really like to see the snail come to life. the last city image you made kind of looks like she has arrived or is comming home type deal. anywho good stuff. i really like the work.


In a certain way arriving to a new city is also the start of a new journey. What a wonderful sketch you have here Deevad!. I also would have liked to see the giant snail but this new path is also promishing. i agree with you that you must make that which you are comfortable with. Come on and let’s eat miles…


Awesome lineart man. The composition’s great too. Will watch how this progresses. ~peace.


great line art David. Looks good. My comments on that will be that it has no depth. Is too crowded in the foreground and cant see anything in the background so maybe you open up her path on the background a bit, to show where she is heading towards to and also add more details such as more houses and characters for creating a more interesting composition. But i think your on the right track with this work. keep up!


the last piece is the definitely the one to go with david!fantastic lineart skills:thumbsup:the depths could be differed when u r up with the colors


beautiful line art, composition and style – this is going to be an excellent piece. nice job!