The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: David Revoy


Slug :slight_smile: Sketh looks awesome and cute, nothing to crit. I wish you luck on your journey.


mmmm a snail… :smiley: I’ll be watching you :>


Nyrak : Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your concept and watching your illustration progress. :slight_smile: Your line work is wonderful, and I’m going to bookmark your thread to see the end result. :slight_smile:

Thanks , I hope I will upload many step and frequently to make this thread the more alive possible. Thanks again

marcoracer : Great start David! I’d just bring the human/elf forward a little more in the composition. Even if the snail is important to the journey, some part must be dominant… The alternative is to bring the snail forward, making him and everything on his back the main focus. Then add a few human/elfs or other charcters nearby as the supporting part of the story.

Thanks for your advices, but now all is close for the composition, I’m really happy with this one, but now the main problem is about colors.

bandro : My my you really work fast :eek: ha ha ha good concept about how long will be the journey with the slow motion of the snail :thumbsup:

With the snail it will take long time :slight_smile: but with foot it will be fast

Pawlack: Slug :slight_smile: Sketh looks awesome and cute, nothing to crit. I wish you luck on your journey.

Thanks a lot !

Drakula: mmmm a snail… :smiley: I’ll be watching you :>

Snail Power !


Hey man, I watched your work at the DSG and I loved it every time :slight_smile:

This is a great concept! I really like the atmosphere… It looks like a great journey…

As for the color version:
Theres some shadow on the main character, coming from the bush in the foreground, and it bothers me a bit… I think there sould be more light and wormer colors on this character, and more shadow and colder colors on the snail.
Maybe a tree in the left part of the painting, so some shadow will fall on the snail?
The snail stands out more than the elf and IMO it should be the other way around.


Looks great so far.


Hey, this is getting really interesting! I liked the look with the colors. Linework is great also!


this looks soo wholesome!

hugs the snail hmm slimy…

:wip: :wip: :wip:


its looking very nice indeed!!

i hope you keep the fun cartoony feel!!

ill keep watching! :slight_smile:


love the 90’s tv cartoon style


omg this is amazing! the colours are beautifull! this reminds me…did you watch howl’s moving castle…? i’ll be watching this!! its so cute!!:smiley:


great ideea and nice sketch! :slight_smile:


This is looking fantabulous! :thumbsup:

I also noticed that people now a days are using creatures as mobile homes! :scream:

Looking forward to the final render!

good luck!:slight_smile:



hey this is great, I really like your colour test so far :applause: and theres a nice atmosphere to it. I like the element in your original concept sketch with the driver of the snail getting angry with the person passing by but it seems to missing from the line art and the colour test.


You don’t waste any time do you? The color test looks nice, it really fits the look you’re aiming for. In my opinion, some darker tones in the middleground and foreground could inject a bit more life to it. Thats as far as I can crit it. Cool progress.


  • greyscale “modeling” - close up : main character expression
  • volumes/light rendering


Thanks for all your comments, I will try to answer to all of you soon. Thanks again :slight_smile:


great concept Deevad. the colors are great too. i also very much liked the rich guy in your very first concpet sketch and his angry little look. i think that is quite important from a story telling point of view and hope that this wont get lost in your final image. but this is already magnifique!


Sweet! The main character’s looking nice. Cute and nice expression; i like the eyes. I have no comments for this… i’m just waiting to see it with colors :wink: keep up.


Hey David, excellent looking updates! I like your choice in colors a lot. Also great greyscale modeling. :thumbsup:

Matt :slight_smile:


I follow my work of modeling, and I changed the design of the main character. My first design was good for a comic style, my second had a face to “fatty & cute” , so now I totally redo her. It will surely change a bit in future, cause I have the idea to (why not) mirroring all my illustration. The idea is the character go to the left direction, (for bring the reading direction and open the illustration to a “journey begin” ).