The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: David Revoy


a first close-up of my lineart


a second close-up of my lineart


the global lineart


slickgreekgeo: Your sketch looks very solid, I could tell you’re gonna have a lot of fun with this one. Much luck to you!

Thanks !I just finish my lineart and I will have effectively a lot of fun… Snails material / tree / a lot of litlle detail as the village on the back of snails… fiou !

rblitz7 : hmm very nice sketch! and nice slug too!:thumbsup:

Really thanks , but I my sketch is not so good I think. A lot of poeple here are “sketch-killer” and I die 3 times when I see their works.

jsn: Hi Deevad, WOW :eek: A very clever idea/concept indeed! Can’t wait to see this coloured! :slight_smile: jas

Me too ! but for the color, I still have a lot of question in my mind… and for “cleaver idea”, you made my day !

sh@ke: i really dig this sketch my friend~:thumbsup:an awesome start mate!cant comment since i like it so much

Oh my friend ! you make a start of a “drawing best”. You merit more than just only 1 award.

riki : Great start, I like the feel. My only comments, I can’t really tell at this point what the character on the snail is doing. Also I think it could help if you push the “storyline” aspect more.

You are right, may be there is a story to devellop, but I will keep it for the details working… It will make work my mind, and maybe the story will evolve a lot at the end for the final submition.

FrozZT :Hey! Nice sketch, i just finished drawing a snail aswell, yours looks much better :)… Good luck and have fun!

Snail power ! when I think some poeple in my country (even in my family ) like to eat snails … beurrrrrkkk ! I would say them : Draw snails but don’t eat them ! thanks for your comment.

enialadam : Lovely sketch :thumbsup: Welcome to the challenge, it’s going to be fun isn’t it? :smiley:

Yes ! you are right, this one will be totaly fun, the ones before I made was :

  • the winter contest of tdt3d , I have the luck to win the first place some weeks ago ( hourra ! )
  • the natural disaster on 3Dvf
  • Spectacular on CgSociety
    All this theme was a bit pessimistic for a young optimistic boy as me !Now I feel in my element :slight_smile:

Xillion :Very nice sketch! Good luck man!

Thanks Xilion, I’m sure this challenge will produce beautifull pictures.

Mr. Mu Yeah David! Looking forward to watching this. I stumbled into this challenge, too - hope you will check out my thread sometime. I like that idea of yours a lot. Made me think of Bernard Moitessier, that legendary french sailor: he set out across his journey around the globe (a regatta in the sixties) by leaving every little bit of equipment behind which he thought was unnecessary, while his opponents nearly sunk their ships with all the stuff they tried to put in there.Might be even a special french way of thinking, considering it is a proverb in your language?Great concept. Will stay tuned for this!

Thanks my friend, my best book advicer !
I don’t have to my memory a such proverb in France… That’s why may be I decide to invent it. But… But… my country culture is like a big old stock when it’s difficult to find back things, even if I’m sure that french writers for sure write about it. May be it’s a way of thinking famous ? bleeeeeee… Anyway, I will try to find about it, it could make great details in illlustration and reference.
PS :On my illustration , under the 2 guardian of the snail driver, you will see a disc, with elephants, on the back of a ( future cause without texture it’s hard to see ) turtle. A detail made specialy for you.

So now about my last lineart I try to put a human reference with the advice of GaeasHerald and Ramitxon. And yes ! it’s look more deeper. I add a first plan ( plant ) and I will try to cut the plan now with value and colors. Lot of work ( but I have few days of hollidays ! youhou ! ) . Thanks everybody for your future comments ! You all contribute to help me to do my best.

(for the orange color, it’s for make more lisible my answers, if you find it ******** please, let me know it I will edit it and remove )


I love this sketch. I like the dude leading the snail the most!


I can see them!

Man… this must sound silly, but I am really touched. This is so cool. Because this will be a terrific painting when it’s done for sure and to have that detail makes me somehow part of it.

Thank you.

I like the orange, btw… Good idea.

I would also like to say that this is absolutely rock solid lineart. I absolutely love it. Did you use PS or Painter ink tools for this? Just curious. It’s coming out great and enchanting, just keep going.



That is some very tight line art you have there David, great work! The idea of having the home on and in the snails shell is a really sweet idea. I will certainly be looking forward to seeing this progress. :smiley:

Matt :slight_smile:


Looking very nice Deevad!

Heaps of detail!



Excellent details man! I can’t wait to see color on it. Oh, and you’ve added a totally new scale to the picture :thumbsup:. I also think the composition looks just right. Keep wips coming!


Cool to see u have ur lineart up dude, good luck with finishing ur entry!:thumbsup:


Lovely! I Like the idea, and sketch and lineart are wonderfull :thumbsup: go for it!


Polished lineart already! I am impressed. Great concept, beautiful feel to the piece. I love it.


holly~ur line art is tight mate~i’m looking forward to see some colors soon:thumbsup:


Can’t wait to see this colored! Also agree with another post which suggested a change in the viewer’s perspective (which I think you said would be changed in Photoshop?)…this is really excellent work. Also you do such a good job sketching the face of the female character in the foreground it would be exciting to see other characters’ faces and expressions more clearly…like the little guy steering the snail and the fellow peering out a side window. Good luck!


This is fab David! Really tight linework. With some colour you’ll be able to bring out the more important elements of the pic and pull the viewer in. It’s a really fun image. :slight_smile:


Good lineart David. I love the details on it.


Wow DeeVad, very nice drawing… I like it! Good luck.


The good picture
Kind and wonderful:)
It is pleasant to me:)


Beautiful lineart!! I really like your idea, good luck with the challenge! :thumbsup:


wow excellent lineart … :applause: