The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: David Revoy


I took time to read all message, and I’m happy that this new theme was well welcome by you.
Just a general précision about my intention :
I want to fix in a picture the best moment to represent the journey begin, for my vision ( and may be it’s wrong ) the journey begin at the moment you are ready to leave somewhere / a place.
That’s why I choose this representation. The main character ( androgyne and asexual ) look a bit curiousity/and nostalgy to the house he go away ( on this version the detail of the rope by windows is more well ‘underlined’. )
This vision is more a vision of the start of dream.
Technicaly, I still have bounce light details, and transparency / reflexion on the water.
Thanks for your crits, I will answer each one of your suggestion in quoting them in a message downer this.
Thanks again!


MDN67 Very nice pic with a unique style good work

Thanks a lot , for this challenge I have no pretentious for nothing other to discover my style and make it still and still more ’ perfumed’ . This Wip place is the best of the world to personnaly evolve. My work is totaly different since Spectacular, for exemple, Long life to Cgsociety challenge :slight_smile:

jeromoo Hi, I want to say that this looks very nice! However, it looks like the boat is rowing on clay/sand. I assume you have not finished this part yet, but I point it out in case. I like the scene… reminds me of my Enid Blyton days. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment, I discover by the same way Enid Blyton.
I hope you will appreciate the rendering of the water ( still in rendering )

walrus Ah, I see! Well great, I’m glad that my thread has been so helpful! And thank you for saying such kind things about my piece…

Okay, so have I buttered you up enough so that I can make some constructive criticisms about the new composition? First, it feels like the end of the journey to me: She’s almost as that cute little house and there’s all that space behind her to the right that looks like she’s already travelled. Fastest solution I can see is simply flipping her boat horizontally. You wouldn’t even need to flip her necessarily - don’t some poeple row boats while sitting backwards? But right now it looks like the boat is heading left and it might help tomake it travel right.

Secondly, is that the moon in the sky? Or it that another round plant growing off of that root-bridge? If it’s the former, perhaps moving it more into the sky so that it’s not touching anything could help? And if it’s the latter, coloring like the other plants could help.

Anyhow, good luck, and glad that I could be of any help!


Hi Mike,
Thanks for help, I have to try to mirror some element but I’m affraid it will totally break composition, I will make this when I will have the abality to collapse some of the 10 layers I have for the moment to keep only outlines and the advanced colorisation. I will post my result here soon.
Thanks again for help. ( for the moon, it will be more “lookable” with a nice texture on it , in future )

warpy hey david,
a few years ago i took these pictures, its a house shaped like a bird, it might be good refrence or inspiration for you. imo it fits your style perfectly. its a funny story i found this house while i was doing a trip and the lady of the house invited me in while i took pictures of the place. her husband is the designer of the house, he is also an artist on his own.

Cool ! really beautifull architecture project. Did you remember the name of this artist ? I’m sure we could write threw each other about some view of architectures.
Thanks for photos and let them on the thread, I’m sure it’s interresting for others too.

Opeth Hey David.
First of all, you have really nice stuff here - I love your shading and coloring. Very nice work.

After being implored by Warpy to give you the opinion I said to him about the current WIP, I agreed, so here it is:
Though it is all very nicely done, we all saw that lately the judgment in these challanges is very originality, idea and message oriented - and not mostly technical and artistic. I find it hard to title the current wip as “the journey begins”. It seems very little like a BEGINING of something, and more like an end - looks like she got where she was looking to get to…
So, I hope this helps.

Thanks Opeth,
I think your observations goes in the same way than the one Walrus made me up. I will try to flip the boat but I’m not sure the direction will be good.
We will see it in the future. Thanks again.

domclubb very nice painting and i love the style. It looks a bit flat at the momment though. Maybe fade the background elements more. apart from that though it’s really cool. good luck with this.

Hi domclubb,
I hope my last rendering post will feet to your observations. :wink:
Thanks for good comments.



I came back to have more help about the main modification before I start adding crazy little détails :
1 ) I flip the character.
2 ) I flip the entire boat.
Witch one you think is the best ?
For me the first.
Thanks for help !


I don’t think you should flip the girl, as I think that it is propoer rowing position to have your back towards where you’re rowing… i think. It’s just that i think it should be clear that the front of the boat is on the right, not the left. So i vote for image #0, the one you posted before #1 and #2, but I think you could do more to clarify which direction the boat is travelling: Make the cirlicue prow on the right much taller, and shrink the left one… maybe even get rid of the one on the left altogehter, make the end of the boat flatter on the rear… Anyhow, just my thoughts, I’m sure someone else will have a different opinion.
Good luck!



Thanks Walrus for your help ,the solution #0 looks the best in my heart : I don’t like to mirror my character ( oh damn… no ) cause I don’t reconize them ( may be it merge too much my error of drawing ) and I felt displace element as crime for the global harmony and composition of my picture .

I didn’t see that the boat design could indicate the direction the boat goes. This is so simple but true. May be I have too much pressure with the soon deadline to could think clearly.
Thanks, I will redesign for sure the boat and add some more expressive ripples on the water to guide the eyes.
Thanks again.


Here is a proposal for a remake for the back hull of the boat and some ideas for direction on water . I also did cleaning in my foreground plan on left to let the eyes best make an interpretation of the mouvement of the boat : from left to right . Do you think it’s efficient ? if yes I will integrate this modifications in my rendering. Thanks Walrus for this tip, it’s the best solution for sure.


there should be a bigger trail on the back of the boat, and no trail infront, maybe just a wave breaker effect on the tip of the boat. nice frogs.

and since she is passing under the light tree, she should have more light effects on her hair and face etcetc…


nice job so far… I like your style!
Can’t wait to see how it developes!


Hi, I did a lot of work on my illustration to have a boat with a back/front, and I work too on the ambiant and light, to come more near my original feeling when I realise this illustration.
Now, the detailing work will start. 15 Days to did it, it will be suffisant.


Oh I didn’t see you completely changed your challenge. This one is good to. I would say it could have more contrast because your character is not enough readable.


Here a view from a piece of the detail artwork, I start now a cleaning on all the layers collapsed with a simple brush. Smooth and clean lines is long, but result better for a Hi-Def printing -for exemple- I added too some effect of transparency in the plant. I like object with multiples textures.


I think some of your initial ideas and coloring WIPs were much stronger the what you’ve got now. Curios why you abandoned those?


I adding a fairy to answer to the lack of light on the character and to add another point of light to create a focal triangle with the fairy halo / the moon / and the reflect of the moon. This recenter most of the scene on the main characters.
I started a first level of thin detail and colors corrections.
I think the next post will be the final coloring.
Thanks for your comments!


So I make a end to my work. Final coloring for me is the same as Final Image so now, I will try to write my story to join with the final image. Thanks for support my Wip all !


Title : The journey begins

Story :
A children run away from his home with a frog friend and a fairy by a calm full moon night in a fantasy world.
The scene is focused on the feeling of the main character, looking on his bedroom still lighted and the rope he build with bed-clothes.His expression look like the last exitation to leave the stability/security to go to the unknowing ( the Frog looks a bit quiet showing the direction, cause he don’t know if this new landscape is hostile or not ). They use a little boat with some food ( they preview a long trip ? ) and the boat float softly to make the natural transition that look as the journey begins.

Technics :
I used a outlined technics, more as old illustration than for comics effect. I wanted this picture to be destinated for childrens as a fascinating scene where nightmare or dream can start. I thought of a double page picture who could make the first illustration in a adventure story. I feel to have totally complete my detail job, and tooken my time for it.

Software used : Photoshop Cs2
Total hours : more than 60
Total layers used : around 30

Thanks all advicers and helpers I had on my wip thread. Thanks wip forum too.

  • David


and this too finish ! good luck to all participant !
special thanks to walrus


Wonderful illustration. Congrats for your entry!


Woah fantastic new concept, deevad! I completely lost track of the challenge - lack of time - but with this one, you’re on the top of the challenge =)

Really nice boat :wink:


Congratulations, David, on completing your enchanting entry. I am wondering if the elf is supposed to be looking at the fairy or the house? Right now the elf is looking at the house. Small nitpick though for it can work both ways!

All the best for the final judging!


Hi David, congratulations, what a wonderful image you completed. It is a long time since I didn´t drop by your thread, I see I have totally missed your last version, I cannot forgive myself.
Great work, great colours, great characters… I wish you good luck from now on.:bounce: