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welcome D & bon voyage :smiley:


Hi, good luck every one.

This is the main preview on what I will work about :
The theme :
" To travel light is better than to travel heavy "
( sorry cause I litteraly translate from my native langage … )

It represent a rich man who travel on his big snail with all his house ( thats why I thought to the snail… ) but very slow and not in contact with the element of his journey. He look jealously to an androgyne creature who his more fast playing with bird, have some plant in the hand…etc…etc…
I will make this image to transmit to every one (and particulary children of my family ) this concept to travel light , cause I hate to prepare a journey too much, it’s a spring of sadness for me.

Now, I have to concept a lot of detail, cause I want some great concept for wear / architectures / Birds / Natures.

Feel free to let a message here to talk about with me, I will answer to each poeple. Comments are welcome !


Vahn : welcome D & bon voyage :smiley:

Thanks my friend ! I hope to see you in participant when I will have 1 hour to spend to make my visit of all participants.


good concept DeeVad!! I like the idea and the sketch. I wish you good luck!!! :slight_smile:


Hey DeeVad, nice sketch…
Snails, good thinking… This will be a LOOOOOOOOOONG Journey,
maybe not in distance but for sure in time… Good luck! :slight_smile:


Loris_ : Yeah ! thanks for saying " good concept" from a artist as you… If only I have a web-site as beautifull as you !

MichaelMotion : Thanks, but my sketch is horrible compare to yours… I’m sure you have the best cartoon sketch style of all the forum, and it’s not little word to say it… Great motion in your characters, mouvements…

oh… You will make me jealous of your style guys before start !


Hi! Your sketch looks great and I love the concept. :slight_smile: The only piece of advice I can think of for now would be to create a background that showed the scale of the characters and that looked just a bit more epic. Anyway, this is the very first sketch, so there’s a lot of time for adjustments. I’m very impressed with the image so far. Good Luck!


I like your concept very much Deevad, but maybe now you should consider if this is the correct viewing angle, maybe a bit lower to transmit the idea of the scale of the snail, having a foreground and middleground, etc…
I think this is going to be a great image, keep it up.


Really Nice sketch! Keep it up DeevadReally Nice and Illustrative!:thumbsup:


GaeasHerald : Really good advice, I see that I don’t have any point to juge the biggness of the snail… And this thing can be important. I will correct it.

Ramitxon : Sure ! Now I see only this ! why I put the point of view to the hight of the snail eyes ( may be cause it’sd the first thing I made ) . I will try adjustement of hight of element with photoshop before retrace them. Great advice !

beelow : Thanks ! Now, the hardness will be to keep the initial fresh of the drawing with intention and make adjustement. It’s like to make circus with porcelain !

thanks ! thanks ! thanks ! a surprising welcome you made me for this challenge !


Your sketch looks very solid, I could tell you’re gonna have a lot of fun with this one. Much luck to you!


hmm very nice sketch! and nice slug too!:thumbsup:


Hi Deevad, WOW :eek:

A very clever idea/concept indeed! Can’t wait to see this coloured! :slight_smile:



i really dig this sketch my friend~:thumbsup:an awesome start mate!cant comment since i like it so much


Great start, I like the feel. My only comments, I can’t really tell at this point what the character on the snail is doing. Also I think it could help if you push the “storyline” aspect more.


Hey! Nice sketch, i just finished drawing a snail aswell, yours looks much better :)… Good luck and have fun!


Lovely sketch :thumbsup: Welcome to the challenge, it’s going to be fun isn’t it? :smiley:


Very nice sketch! Good luck man!


Yeah David!


Looking forward to watching this. I stumbled into this challenge, too - hope you will check out my thread sometime. :slight_smile:

I like that idea of yours a lot. Made me think of Bernard Moitessier, that legendary french sailor: he set out across his journey around the globe (a regatta in the sixties) by leaving every little bit of equipment behind which he thought was unnecessary, while his opponents nearly sunk their ships with all the stuff they tried to put in there.

Might be even a special french way of thinking, considering it is a proverb in your language?

Great concept. Will stay tuned for this!