The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: David Freeman


hey freeman. great stuff. been watching this one take form and its been a pleasure. finish it up soon!


I’ve reworked the background as it was feeling too busy. I’ve also reworked all the lines as some were not right (especially when you flip the image).

mainly, I’ve changed the ruins so they look more religious. The archway behind the boy has been extended so not to cramp the area around the children.

All comments as to these changes would be gratefully received…


wow! i love the broken cathedral look now, adds a lot more…kinda like their last resort to go to. killer work as you improve and improve on this :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Cheers Dutchman for your support…

I know what you mean about points of interest and I’ve been changing things so that the focus will begin on the children and then turn towards the journey ahead.

Still lots to sort, but I hope you agree that it is improving :slight_smile:

Thanks Slav for dropping by - hope the end result is worth waiting for :slight_smile:

Thanks adonihs…

I wasn’t sure about the new ruins but felt they worked better in terms of looking more religious (like the other ruins) and also helped to lead the eye towards the focal point of the composition.

Still feel the balance is not entirely right but I’ll have to try and work on this tomorrow as it’s getting late…more sooooon :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


very well done so far mr freeman~the mood and the choice of colors are great especially the blending between the warm and cool contrast in it.i hope u finish this :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support Michael…

Time’s running out, but i hope to get quite a lot completed tonight…

More soon I hope :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’ve managed to get quite a few hours in tonight and as this has to be finished very soon, thought it worth posting an update showing the work on the ruins (in distance and behind the children).

I’m definitely getting closer but last minute advice and comments are always welcome …


Whaaa… Where does the world turn to, if even you don’t get any reactions after an update?! :eek: :shrug:

What you say about making it that way the you first look at the kids, and thén to the ruins, seems to work indeed! Also the new cathedral-ruins look very interesting!

A little comment/critique might be that it’s a little hard to see how far from the camera the (right) ruin is standing… Maybe ‘there is some way’ to make it more clear (althought it doens’t matter very much for the final image… it only is a bit confusing in this way :wink: ).

All the best!
[ps: as there is no space in my signature anymore;My Journey! :smiley: ]


It looks great David. The frame of the ruin around the top right and right helps give a position to the viewer.

I loved the distance and journey feel you had in update #21 (on page 3 of thread) with the path up the mountain. If you added it in to your current mountain it might help.



Young Tomb Raiders! I am waiting to see how you flesh out the ruins. I am not so sure about the book on the stone table. It is closed, so there’s nothing but its plain cover for the children to look at. It would make more sense for it to be open, revealing all its secrets for the children to ponder their next move. Be careful with the objects framing the scene for they look a little forced.

Keep pushing on, Gordon… Er, David Freeman! :smiley:


Thanks Gijs…

I know what you mean about lack of feedback - I’m hoping it’s because everyone is too busy finishing their own entries rather than thinking it’s not much good - still i’m enjoying this which is the main thing… as far your comments, I’m working on the depth of the image and hope this will appear more convincing once completed.

Cheers EdP-Art… I had a look back at that mountain path and have to say that I also like the perspective and how it places emphasis on the path / journey… still I hope to show a pathway continuing up into the mountains.

Thankyou jeromoo …wise and much appreciated comments… I was looking at the book last night and wondered what to do, but I think having it open will be more logical - and I still have last minute props to add…

Will work on the framing

Thanks again

Dave :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey David, there is not much more that I can add to what has been said, see you at eh finish line, Best of luck to you!:thumbsup:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks Bryce…

time is definitely ticking away and I’ve just had to take on a couple of days storyboarding, so it’s going to a last minute scramble as always - but hey this makes it all the more fun??!

I had a great night last night and I’ll post an update soon… needless to say that the comments made by everyone have really helped and those last minute changes and additions are making a lot of difference :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’ve started to work on the final details to ensure the picture tells a story clearly. I’ve also altered the composition slightly to add balance and a little more space without detracting from the children too much.

Still quite a bit to do, but I should make it despite the work load at the moment…

more very soon…


Very cool!

Just discovered this entry and I just wanted to say that it looks really great!
Strong characters and excellent rendering.

Good luck!


:slight_smile: Thanks Mumphy

Much appreciated… have to say that it looks better high res as the colours look rather muted online :frowning:

Good to see your entry and I’ll definitely get round to replying once I’ve completed some storyboards that needed delivery by lunchtime…


It’s coming along nicely. Those changes have made a big difference and it’s better for them.

I’ve no other comments other than get it finsihed, go, go, goooo :wip:



:slight_smile: Cheers Ed…

I was hoping to have a good night on this but still working on some visuals for another job… real nightmare.

I just hope that I can finish in Time…

More soon I hope :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It’s looking really good! I think you just need to dirty up the ruins a bit more, add some rubble, you know yourself.

That mountain looks like a pointier version of croagh patrick (just down the road from my parents’ house!). Just so you know. :slight_smile:

Where is this meant to be? A fantasy land, or is it around their home town or…?


Thanks Theresa aka paperclip…

Why is it that work always goes crazy when I’m trying to finish a challenge…

I thought I had two days to work on nothing but this, but I now will have to work overnight or something unless I can invent a time machine or something (which isn’t really likely)…

I’ll put up a detailed explanation of the image with the final entry, but i hope the extra elements I’m adding will fill in any gaps… but their home is in the valley below - which I’ll add tonight. The ruins in which they are standing hold clues to help in their journey / task and explains the ruined city in the background, etc.

originally they were on a school trip / assignment, collecting rare artifacts or bugs or something and the robot was a mechanical guide, but all will be revealed soon… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: