The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: David Freeman


Things are beginning to fall in to place and though still lacking detail, the composition is working better.

Still a little unsure about the robots in terms of positioning and I might make the girl on the left a little smaller so she is right with the other two rather than slightly nearer as at the present time.

I mmust now try and get the facial expressions working which is where the reall fun begins… :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: I like the compo a lot better, must agree with that, still a lot more work to do dude, keep it up!


Very interesting idea, as always is pleasant to me your color scale
In which you work
In the foreground it is the small robot?
Good luck!


hi David, the thumb of this work attracted me with its gorgeous colour tones, and the image is quite enchanting upclose too! Though the mountain is perhaps the more ‘done’ choice for the background, the story works nicely with it, and makes the robot seem even more magical as he’s then out of place in what first appears to be a fantasy painting with children.

Though having said that, it’s only because I read your description that I even realised there was a robot holding the map! i read it as the boy in green looking at a map with some strangely coloured pattern on it, and that the girl on the left was holding some sort of toy robot, which puzzled me even more! Once seen, the robot does look very good, but I think something needs to be done with the placement of the characters to make it more obvious he’s there, or the contrast or colouring on him needs to be increased. Or is there any way you could have some sort of platform the robot could be stood on (branch, hill, that sort of thing), reading the map while the children clamour round him?

Other than that, I love your painting style. People who can do this with Painter make me so envious!!


Thanks again for the encouragement beelow - At least I really feel that this is working unlike the last challenge where I just went round in circles…I’m having a creative day, so hopefully will have more to post later.

Good to hear from you LexLe - still working on the robot as the space isn’t quite working yet…more soon

Thanks Zephyri… not sure if the mountain is to stay…more to aid development of the composition, so i can work out the depth and space. I really would like some strange limestone towers and rock formations, but we’ll see how this progresses.

Good point about the robot…I’m still trying to bring the girl on the left back a bit so she sits on the same plane as the boy. I was thinking of having one robot looking at the girl on the left, but facing more towards the other two, who hold the furthest two corners of the map…we’ll see


It looks great David, there is a great sense of depth and the long journey ahead. :thumbsup:


wow man! Some serious work is geting done here. Im so glad to see u in this challenge :slight_smile: Love ur start and the colors u r using, that purple mountain in the back is so great comparing to the warm yellow color scheme of the sky. It really pops out the way it should be. And the children in the left, especially the one in green really balance the composition in my opinion. Keep up the good work buddy!


:slight_smile: Cheers Blaz… I’m working on the faces at present, so more soon hopefully…Good to see you in the challenge too

Thanks EdP-Art… he he he hope you are refering to the title of the challenge when you mention long journeys…and not the amount of work I need to put in … No seriously thanks for your comments :slight_smile:


I’ve started to refine the faces of the children and have added a new robot that is clearer and links the children and space between.

i still need to develop the light and shadow to help with space, but still lots of time…


holy crap!


i love your painting style!! it’s a similar method to what i’ve been playing with. but i’m just tyring out and am grateful to see the heights it can go to. (ok maybe that’s putting it a bit strong) but i would say your use of color is very inspiring.

only crit i would have is that the current robot might be a little too C3PO.

can’t wait to see more of this one!


:slight_smile: Thanks anzibon

I have to say that after the last challenge i felt very similar…sometimes the inspiration is there or maybe an image just seems to work and the other times, you can go round and round in circles. Last time I got bogged down with trying to be too clever and come up with a really dynamic perspective whereas this time I’m focusing more on mood and lighting.

I like painting in this way and it’s a lot cheaper than using real oils.

I see what you mean about C3PO similarities…I’m a 70’s child so always thinking Star Wars even on a subliminal level. better make some quick alterations…thanks for the advice and keep on painting :slight_smile:


Great color work mate :slight_smile:

They feel alive. Good job! This is only the beginning. More please :wise:


Great color usage! One of my new favs!


can’t get those smilees to work…mmmmm

Thanks Falcor_ Great to see you back and thanks for your comments

cheers Jose-Pardo… your support and advice is much appreciated

I’m just concentrating on getting the robot character working…so fingers crossed

More soon, though off to the coast for a couple of days, so hope to post something before I leave…otherwise i’ll take the laptop with me and try and get a few hours in whilst I’m away and have more to show on Monday

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


woww!!! color great dude!! :buttrock:


Great colors you have going there! This is one of my favorites and I’ll keep a close eye on this one from now on. The only crit I have so far is about the composition- it’s divided too neatly in half, one half with the (adorable!) kids and the bots and then you have the other half with the landscape and the mountain. If I were you, I’d spread the people out some more so the halves aren’t fighting for attention so much.

Once again…beautiful work…I really like that style you have going there!


Couple of quick remarks:
-Maybe the wall should make one extra turn towards the travellers.
-Such bold use of colors…Loving it.

Now, the first question I have when I check out the different posts for this contest is “What’s the story?”
O.K. Maybe the second question.
Right after “Why can’t I be that good?” :sad:

So, what’s the story? Your illo seems to suggest that the kids want to reach the mountain in the distance. They could conveniently maybe just walk on top of the wall and voilà.
If the mountain is the objective, then maybe there should be a major obstacle, like a breach in the wall, that would rule out that route. If not, why the map?

Maybe robots need to continuously check their bearings.:argh:

I’ll certainly check your progression.


Nice update dude it is starting to come alive! The characters poses are convincing really good stuff!:thumbsup:


Thanks vader… pleased you like the colours…more soon I hope!

Thank you paperclip…i see what you mean about the composition. i’ve been playing with some ideas for the background and I definitely will take your advice on board when planning the final composition / alterations :slight_smile:

great points jayday … I have to say that in past challenges i’ve spent far too long working out some crazy story where as this time around I’ve concentrated on getting across the emotions and feelings of the children first. though I do have a storyline that I’m working on, so more soon… i do have some earlier sketches which might explain one or two of the ideas of a story I had, so I’ll post these when I get a chance

Thanks beelow… Pleased you like the updates…just got back from a weekend away on the coast…i sketched some great rock formations along the cliffs overlooking the sea, which just may feature in the background…

Well only two meetings today as my next job kick off in earnest next week, so I’ll hopefully get in some time on this later :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Cool beans david, I hope to see some of that in ur work good luck with it!:thumbsup: