The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: David Freeman


hey david,

well done wip, but even though you have the whole opening the map and consulting the little robot thing.
i think that there is something missing from the story that you want to convey. i see the “what they are doing now” but not the “what they need to do to overcome difficulties in their trip” i think i would like to see something that completes the story you are trying to tell about this journey.

cool stuff !


Well after several crazy days of work, I stayed up most of the night working on this…

I’ve mainly been working on the girl on the left and have spent a long time reworking the face. I’m still trying to get the eyes to look towards the robot as they seemed to when I did a quick sketch… Still there’s a chance I may get this finished…more very soon


Hey, this is coming along splendidly! No crits, just finish the detailing. I love this piece. Go go go go…


Thanks Theresa…

Still got to sort the lighting out - I think I prefered it when it was darker in the left hand corner.

Time to venture out into the real world for a few minutes before I go completely mad

Still, should keep me busy tonight… more sooooon… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I agree with you there, that tree is quite contrasty and sort of takes away from the main focus (i.e the children) . Looking forward to seeing your updates. Keep that sanity going! (I lost mine about a month ago, I think you could notice.) Enjoy your foray into the real world…

But be back soon!


Here’s a close up of the children updated, as the wide doesn’t really show the details due to compression.

All comments welcome as tonight is really my final long haul before finishing. :slight_smile:


No crits David, its turning out great. Just get it finished because it’ll be a winner.



:slight_smile: Cheers Ed…

having a bit of a last minute rethink of the colour scheme… having been up all last night working, I’m feeling a little spaced out, so I hope this will help me out…

otherwise it could all go pear shaped…

More soon

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Bit of a drastic change, but i wanted to have more dramatic lighting and place more importance on the children.

The orange light brings the characters foreward and sets the background back.

I have definite reasons in terms of storyline for making these changes, but feedback would be really welcome.


Hi David! Yes, the image is now looking more dramatic! But it seems to need to give more lighting to the characters! In my view, they are a bit dark. By the way, I really like you’ve opened the book! I look forward to your final image! Good luck! :slight_smile:


I am still a fan of the old color palette, but this looks like it would work as well!, I hope to see you finish in time! Good luck again dude!:thumbsup:


Having worked a lot of late nights lately, I started playing with light and colour and on reflection probably still prefer the daylight version (though composition is better in the top and colours could be simplified in the foreground).

Last day on this as I’m on holiday tomorrow, so it would be good to get a second opinion :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I prefer the daylight one as well. Nice job on the kids, but the background needs more love. it just doesn’t keep the same quality. It almost looks like the kids are standing in front of a painted mural.


i like the day light version better,it has more color variations to it,the cool and the warm contrast remains.maybe its just me,the blue version seems to take away a certain amount of details,it could be the colors.
best of luck to u mate,lets make this to the final:)


Hi David, me again! :twisted: Its interesting that you’re playing with the mood and colors so late in the game, and if in fact its only a good thing, as you show to be moving constantly. :thumbsup: I’d say that the nigthversion has some unnatural touches (as the kids are lighted in a warm tone > where comes the light from? From the robot?), while it has a nice mood.
The daylight version has a very nice mood which I really can feel blowing out of it (exactly as you described it: as a perfect day for a schooltrip :wink: ), which might be more interesting to keep… So I’d vote for the daylightversion. :wink:

I must agree a little bit on this. You might want to add a little bit of contrast on the background? (unless I’m totally in-experienced with these sort of paintings…).

I hope to see it finished soon & if I don’t see you posting before you going on holiday: have fun! :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone… I’m pleased you prefer the daylight version as that’s what I’m working on… It’s good to have some creative advice when you’ve looked at something for too long.

Time’s rapidly running out so I’ll have to thank you all when I’ve finished :frowning:

onwards… what ever am I going to do next week with no challenge???


I’m now working into the background to add depth and make it slightly more detailed.

i’ve added a path to the mountain and have one ot two little visual clues to add and I’m nearly there.

it’s got to be finished tonight, so I’m starting to get worried about finishing (I’m away tomorrow), but fingers crossed!!)


Man,you are using my fav colours, lovely image,and figures,and I prefer the day version too, keep it up,
lookin forward to your final


:slight_smile: Thanks Michael…

I’m supposed to be packing to go on holiday, so getting a little worried now - but the latest version is coming together -…

Final image will be posted sometime tonight …eeeeeeek!!!


I’ll be waiting for it (while painting my own entry :wink: )! All the best on the final few hours! :beer: