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Wassup, David Nice to see u back bud, best of luk to ya!:thumbsup:


Guess we’ve all been waiting for you!
Know we’re gonna see something amazing… :thumbsup:
Good luck!


:bounce: And the fun begins yet again

I knew it was challenge time as the work load has just gone crazy…and I did say to my wife that I would resist the temptation to enter as I did spend far to many evenings locked away from the world during the last challenge.

Hopefully inspiration will visit more often this time round and I can’t wait to see what all you artists conjur up this time

Good Luck everyone!!

:applause: :thumbsup:


Hahaha… i could’ve written exactly the same thing!

Good Luck David!



don’t worry dude we ain’t tellin anyone you’re here

welcome again Freeman



glad to see you here again… have fun


hi David! good luck! :thumbsup:
I am glad to see you at this competition :slight_smile:


Hi! Welcome! Hope to see som stuff soon! :), good luck and have fun!


:beer: Thanks chaps…

Must get cracking soon, but I’m creating some titles for an edit on 22nd as well as some artwork for some clients, so just tooooo much work on (one of the problems of being freelance).

Such fantastic work out there already and I just want to get started…aaaaargh :cry:


Good to see you back, David. No worries, it is a three month long challenge, there’ll be plenty of time left to work on it. And by joining late, you get to see which themes have already been done by seventeen other people and thus carefully avoid doing mice, snails, and giant birds. :slight_smile:
See you around…!



After weeks of work, here is one idea for a character I had a chance to sketch out today.

The facial expression and emotions are not there yet, but it’s a start.

The concept is based around a planet largely covered in shallow water, aquatic plantlife and limestone towers of rock.

As such, the local population have developed hydraulic transport that fit to your legs and displaces your weight over a larger area, allowing the ability to cross the surface more easily (as travelling by foot or boat is nearly impossible).

My main concern at the moment is capturing the emotion of the characters, so storylines will follow as work progresses.

More sketches to post soon


Welcome David! Goodl luck again dude, Nice sketch so far!:thumbsup:


I wasn’t too keen on my last sketch and armed with new inspiration, decided to work straight into Painter where I tend to paint with a detailed oil brush and then push the paint around using blender (a strange but splendid combination).

Luckily I have three perfect subjects to use as reference, which makes life so so much easier than trying to draw from memory (which I still find hard to do with regards to the human figure)

The three children are entranced by a small robot / mechanical guide (who will eventually stand before them at waist height), who has convinced them to embark on an amazing journey. Behind we see across the landscape into the wilderness where they are heading.

I’m starting to think along an imaginary world where all sorts of weird animals and plant life exist.

I’m really enjoying this and am releived that things are starting to work out in terms of image and composition.


I am gonna enjoy watching your prgress dude good luck with it David!:thumbsup:


nice having u back davidhaha walrus’s rightgiants bird been taken*haha,good luck mate and have a great ride:thumbsup:
will see whats ur next progress


I have started to add depth and detail to the background as well as adding in the mechanical guide.

Additional colour really has started to help add space to the composition.

More soon


I’m really enjoying working on this and after a crazy few weeks working on other things, it is really good to get to grips with this challenge at long last.

I’ve added the tree to help link elements and also help the lighting.

i hope to work on the composition for the next few days and then start on the details.

All comments (within reason) are welcome


I would like to see some kind of light source coming from the robot to light the children’s faces, that would give a little more to work with, like facial expressions and stuff, hehe ur moving along dude, keep it up!:thumbsup:


Thanks again Beelow

I have to agree with you on this…Not sure if to stick to a warm glow which enhances the existing light on their faces, or have a more unatural blue.

I quite liked the idea of some sort of technological map that actually radiates blue light - a cross between a computer screen and a mechanical device.

The whole image needs to have an imaginary / fairytale style feel that reflects a childs crazy imagination, so lots to do yet. Luckily, I have a few days rest before my next big job kicks in, so I should get quite a long way. :slight_smile: