The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


i really loved the last one but this one is as great as the other.
but dont leave the wooden sword it was one of the best things in the picture.


I love the face, it’s such a cute little boy face!! The legs seem too short though, I feel uncomfortable looking at them…

Also, the pose doesn’t really seem like he’s going to be moving anytime soon. However, you said you tried lots of different poses, so this one may well be just the one that will work best within your composition…

I am really curious to see how the finished piece will end up- after all, you still have 2 months left!


well, what if you placed that wooden sword between the boy and the painting somehow?
it could help to clearify his path, enhancing the adventure and stuff…


Hmm, you guys really miss the wooden sword? Now, I’m not quite sure at the moment. It is quite a nice symbol, yes. The more I think about it, it also is not really a symbol for aggression but for courage. Because who would expect to harm anybody with a wooden sword? It’s more for strengthening the own confidence. I will try to incorporate the sword again. Perhaps I find a way that fits.

Thanks for the feedback. That really helps to not lose the track.


I also liked the sword a lot. It gave the picture a sense of adventure. Right now, if it wasn’t for the boy’s backpack, I’d say he had been happily playing with a ball on the rooftop and suddenly found this ‘way’ into another world, but is more questioning or puzzled about it, and not really interested in going in and trying it out for himself.
So I agree with paperclip, in this pose he doesn’t look like he wants to start the adventure :confused:


Hi daniel! Wow, this piece is a journey in itself! I love how you’ve attacked the whole thing, very thorough, and I can’t even begin to image how much more detail you can get into the thing… I love the lighting on the cat in particular.

As for the sword, I actually rather like it without, having him holding just the string gives him more of an anxious feel which makes me personally empathise with him more. Whereas the wooden sword gives him more of the young boy wanting to play soldier, even thoughh he has the string too. But it’s personal preference and what kind of feel you want the thing to have… Love what you have to this point though!


woow i really must say that your entry it’s the best so far, such a great work with details man. keep it up the good work!


DEFINITELY put the little wooden sword back in imo!

Aggression?.. That little thing couldn’t really hurt anything. I think it’s more sweet/adorable. Maybe it’d be aggression if he carried an Uzi sub. :smiley:

Reasons to keep the sword:

  1. It showed that the boy knew that he was going on a journey which may well have dangers - there is no misunderstanding of what could lie ahead.

  2. Like you said; It showed courage. As if he would FACE his fears/enemies rather than run away and hide.

  3. It is a strong icon of youth and shows his innocent, youthful naivety. Not saying you could mistake him for not being a young boy, but the sword would just emphasise it.

  4. It gives him another thing to carry along with him. The more useless shit he brings gives the impression he knows he’s going for a long time. Also, bringing lots of things he doesn’t need, again also helps show his naivety.



put the swordf back in, its cute, shows he has some courage but doesnt know what to do, so he figures “im going to just take this :/”. oh and the bear is such a nice touch, i like ow its shoved in there lol.


Well, these are quite reasonable arguments for keeping the sword in. Thanks for the time and effort! I will give it a try.


Add one more for the sword or a similar object back in.

For me the sword indicates that he himself is going into the picture.

With the string alone that emphasis is gone - for all we know he might just be going to roll the ball of string into the picture. Granted the backpack indicates otherwise, but I still feel it loses some punch without the sword.


That sword speaks adventure!! Keep the sword dude! There is a certain cutness to it!:thumbsup:


Ok, good news for those weapon geeks! :wink:

No, seriously, the points for keeping the sword in the pose are more than convincing. There was this short moment when I asked myself “why do humans always have to take up weapons when a new world lies before them?” and I thought it would perhaps be better to concentrate on the daubts of the boy if he should enter the magic portal (hence the clinging to the wool ball).

But you all were right. The sword is more a symbol for courage and adventure and since it is made of wood it also shows the attidude of the boy who thinks, that a toy weapon will keep harm away from him. That’s just cute and makes us sympathise with him more.

So, the sword is back in! And I lifted the boy from his kneeling pose into a “getting up on his knees” kind of pose. It’s supposed to depict the short moment just between kneeling down and standing up - a short moment of hesitation and anxiety.

I’m not quite sure on the facial expression yet, but I’m going to attack that in the coloring anyway since this wil be a very subtle detail and solving it in a sketch does not mean that it will also work in color.

Thanks again for your wonderful feedback. You are really helping me out on the important details here!


i like and dislike the pose. in the way right one, with the sword, he kind of seems evil, Omen ish. But the first one, where hes cradeling the yarn, his support for back home, he seems scared for what he has to do.

what if u used the first pose, but had the sword on a sling on his belt? Either way, I like all of them, just my opinon. good work though =)


Hm, I’m not sure about the sword. He looked much cuter in the first pose with both his hands grabbing the string. Too me he looks now like he would drop the string any moment and walk into the painting without it.

Maybe you could put the sword on the floor directly infront of him? Like he is hesitating to pick up the courage/sword to make the step into the painting.
I also liked his short legs more, man he is growing up fast, by the end of the challenge he’ll be an old man. :smiley:


I agree with the sword. I appreciate your concern about introducing a weapon, but that is definitely o.k… I also agree about not bothering any more with lineart, you will get a hard time with him anyway :wink:

Right now he looks a little bit like praying or like he´s gonna sacrifice something…his wooden sword maybe?

Naa, o.k., lame joke, i´m just envious. You´re the best.


I think the pose is great now :thumbsup: why ? Because now he looks ready…like he’ll get up any moment to enter the painting. Also he looks a bit hypnotized or better, fixed on the painting wich makes a very good connection there imho :slight_smile:

good work man :applause:


I like it. :smiley: The pose says that he is looking at it dreadingly, but he has already made his decision to go and is just taking a final moment to gather up all his courage and enter the painting without ever looking back.

I’m glad you’ve brought the wooden toy sword back in! :thumbsup:


Well, I guess it was pretty clear from the beginning, that the boy will be to hardest element to accomplish. I feel like standing at a junction now where there is no “right” way to choose. At least not on a logic level. I see the whole scene before me, animated. It’s just very hard to chosse the one frame, that captures the feeling I want to convey. I see everything you suggest - sword in the belt, sword on the ground, kneeling, going. Every suggestion makes sense in a logical way. But what I have to find now is the pose that “feels” right. At least to.

I think, the best strategy now will be to step back from the painting and sketches, spend some time on other things and just wait for the moment the perfect pose will just click into my head. That’s a luxury you always never have in your work because always there’s a client who waits for the finished painting. But this is MY journey and sometimes it’s nice just to take some time off the road and lay down and relax.

Thanks for all the input! That’s what feeds my imagination!


That is nice that u are gonna take time away from the painting dude, again ur work here is solid! I will be waiting for ur return, good luck with getting inspirations Daniel!:thumbsup: