The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


Yeah, I see ur point, of what u have already established compositonally, but it also never hurts to try though, But this is looking really really solid dude keep it up!:thumbsup:


Awesome. So many details to look at and such a nice mood.
I really feel like in an old dusty attic and that focuses the view on the bright magic painting.

I agree that the painting is pretty dark but I think that adds to the atmosphere, attics have to be dark and you have to see just a bit less than you’d like to for the spooky and old atmosphere. If you decide to add more light I would only lighten up the middle of the image not the corners.

In the big picture I think my favorite part is the cat, it looks so lifelike as if it would move any second.

This painting will be very cool when finished. :thumbsup:


uiuiui, very nice to see all the detailed out parts together. it seems that your picture is the most developed one of the others. if you hurry you can even make a second one :slight_smile:

but i have to admit that i liked the colours in your first coloured wip more. i think it is especially the picturearea.
in your 1. wip i liked the complementary contrast between the red carpet and the green nature and the whole picture had a different atmosphere. it looked more like a difficult and interesting adventure with an angry mountain looking hissed to the boy from the top.
and the landscape was more interesting, fields, forests, variety…

your detailed out picture just looks nice and “boring”. nice sunny fields, a lonely, open path and even the mountain looks wonderful less than a real threat.
much atmosphere is lost trough the new colours. the yellow-blue complementary contrast makes the picture look nice, before the background looked dangerous and toxic with the greys and greens in it.

you have shifted the effect with your new colour contrasts. before the picture poppt out cause of the complementary, it was really like a new, different world, a gate, that dont belong there.
now the picture fits too well into the environment (the attic) and the contrast lies within the picture - the transition is too smooth between his and the new world.

that doenst mean your picture is bad - it is great, no matter what you do. but it shifts more into a nice painted picture. you have lost the contrasts between old and new, safe and danger that made your basic idea so interesting.


superb ! it has just enough details, the prespective is very interesting, i feel that you should paint some more spaceships or dragons lurking in the horizon (unless they are not visible from that distance) i think that mftitus has a good point about the colors.

over all i like it very much :slight_smile:


My only comment is to make the boy kneeling on one knee so it looks as though he is about to walk over to the painting. Really beautiful details, colors, composition and concept. 5 star work.


I actually much preferred the painting’s previous colour, when it was more green. It stood out more before - which was a good thing and looked more lively and exciting. I think you should consider reverting to it’s previous colour.

Great work though. Superb details - I love it! :smiley:


that is honestly amazing, i love the look on the boys face and the yarn is cute. great job buddy


amazing :applause: :applause: :applause:


This work of yours is really my favorite so far; The guidelines and tips for this challenge you have followed, sir. But it is the extras that make me come back at it again and again. Even in
the confinment of an attic you can find openness to the world with all radio, telescope, books, suitcases, globe…Ohh…the open bird cage! Well done.
On a composition level I wonder if you considered moving the window to the middle part of the roof. It would also be in the general direction where the telescope is pointing.
I’ll come back and visit.


I really love the idea, great detail, nice work men, good luck


Wow! excellent work. I really like the idea and all the details. It looks like a finished image.
I think that more light is not necessary, now the landscape picture looks like something real for the kid.
No critics, great artwork.


woww, its kinda almost done!!
damn, I like the colour

one thing that bother me is the lbackground, its look like you lost the negative space becaouse the background color is little bit too flat comparing the house color


WOW it looks real’! very nice man ur very good gudluck:thumbsup:


that seems a final image bro.
really good lighting, like a barok style.
and the shape on the child is interesting too.
go on


Excellent. one of my favorite. And the idea with the ball (don’t know exact translation, sorry) not to loose his way…just :thumbsup:



i’d say good luck,
but you seem to have already won :wink:


wow. excellent so far. i can’t imagine what else you could add to this. i love the details around the room. i find my self spending ages just looking at them all. the ball of string is a lovely touch. well done.


Wow, it starts to be the best painting of yours. I find it a little bit to dark, especialy for printing puroses.


Amazing I really feel happy seeing this image. Good work.


To paint the boy I experimented with some sketches again. I had several attempts on the boy, some of which were quite realistic in proportion and pose but they did not really work for me. So I got back to the highly stylized look that also is depicted in the rough version of the boy. To work better with the scene, I have positioned the boy in profile now which lead to a very nice and simple pose. At least, that’s what I think. I dumped the sword because after having some thoughts I really don’t want to imply aggression in the boy’s attitude. I just want to show a little boy and his struggle if he should really take the big step to travel into another dimension.