The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


WoW! Much better! I like it, picture looks great :slight_smile:

One with knight and axe looks so cool :smiley:


This is beautiful work, the detailing is incredible. Everywhere I look, there are like five things that I hadn’t seen yet. I can’t wait to see more progress on this, it is turning out beautifully.


Daniel, You are my hero! :applause:
Although I liked the colours of the landscape a little better before you rendered the details out. Now it’s a tiny little bit too cold for my taste.


very unique interpretation of the concept – am impressed by your imagination and style. very nice work.


promising close up. Nothing to crit just :thumbsup:


You are an inspiration! I just need a concept of my own now! :scream: I really hope you win man, fantastic work!


Superb idea! Absolutely fantastic rendition of this contest’s theme!


Nice painting, Daniel! Magic picture is great idea. Good luck!


I cannot say enough good things about your work. I like your concepts, your proces, your composition, the rendering style… Everything!

You seem to get an insane ammount of detail in there. If I recall early on you had said your image is abot 4000 pixels wide. Is that still the case or have you upped it any since?

Thanks for sharing the background images, I enjoyed seeing the stylistic variety.


Oh, just discovered this and I have to say it really looks amazing.
I love the mood of the picture.

The tempting looking grassland, the menacing mountain, the thread, his teddy, the little mage the picture of the cat, it all adds together. I can’t wait to see the details added together to form the big piece again.

Oh and I like cartoony, no need to work against its look. :smiley:

That firedemon is just badass. Oh well, now I have to practice painting a bit. :scream:


One thing, that I am wondering, are u gonna change the pose of the child, because initially the child and the painting are in angles where they are not really facing each other, I would think that the child would guage the painting, maybe try to crawl in the painting, or have like a hand in the painting as if he were entering the painting. Would be cool to see, I really love this entry though! Idea is tops!:thumbsup:


allow me to say…the details are looking delicious! great great job!


Wow, this picture has what it takes to win the contest. Great idea and a masterfull realisation. Can’t await to see more.


I’ve been watching your progress, just haven’t commented yet before.

An excellent idea and flawless execution. :applause:

This is one of my favorite entries - I’d say it definitely has what it takes.

Looking forward to seeing your next update. Keep up the great work! :smiley:


Wow, beautifully painted!


Ok, now for an intermediate overview! I finished all the detail in the scene to a point that I’m quite happy with. I did NOT tough the boy yet but that’s going to be the next step.
I realise that the whole painting quite dark at the moment but that is ok for now. I’m planning to scale the baby up when I have painted the boy ant tough up allt the details with finer brushes to achieve a more delicate and broken look.

Thanks for all the worthy input!


Now for soem answers to your questions:

@ Chinasky: You were right, pal! I warmed up the painting and now it fits way better into the scene.

@ werepumpkin: I’m still working in 4200x2526 pixel. After I have reworked thy boy I’m going to scale it up a bit.

@ beelow: I will definetely not change the position of teh boy in the painting since that woul ruin my composition. But you are right that his pose does just not look engaging enough because he seems to pose to the “camera” and not really looks like he is going to enter the painting. I will have a rework on the pose. I think I will going for a straight profile which (hopefully) will also enhance the drama of the scene.

Thanks again for all your supportive comments. This now is by far the most elaborate painting I have worked on ever and I really appreciate your support!


Just perfect! I haven´t words, It looks great. You are still my favorite :smiley:


thats crazy…outstanding work ! sehr, sehr gut! :thumbsup::applause::bowdown::love:



thats really fantastic.:bounce:
i dont know what to say. im sure youre going to be one of the winners. man how did you do that carpet(i have ideas but not sure :slight_smile: ) . anyway i can ask many things in this picture it already looks finised but keep it coming. im curious about what more details to come.

leave some comments to me too.

you dont need luck but still good luck