The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


a winning piece here i must say~:thumbsup:


those details and lighting are really comming along very well :slight_smile:

good use of texture on the rug too :slight_smile:

are you going to be doing a dirt pass? it sorta looks a little “disney” old at the moment…no real dirt in there for such an old dusty place…


Really strong piece that u are doing! I am blow away by your ability!:thumbsup: What’s next, eh?


this has got be be one of my definate favourites. Amazing detail, beutifully painted and above all, a great idea. and to think it’s still early days, i can’t wait to see how this turns out. Good luck.


@ Cyberone:

are you going to be doing a dirt pass? it sorta looks a little “disney” old at the moment…no real dirt in there for such an old dusty place…

That’s a good question. Well, the plan at the moment is, first to build the detail in the painting up to the level you see in my WIPs here. Then I will have to experiment with different techniques. You are right, that everything is just looking to clean and neat at the moment and I will have to work against this. Perhaps the best method would have bean just to render everything more loosely but that’s a thing I’m not quite good at. Especially when the objects in teh scene are everyday life objects and when there is a clear perspective I just have to render them completely, I guess that’s just my style. But I want definetely achieve more in this piece and therefor I will have to become a little bit inventive I guess. I will study paintings by the old masters to understand, how they rendered interiours without letting them look like Disney backgrounds. In the end it will all come back to the lighting I guess so that’s the part I have to put my efforts in. Of course I know that it is quite a silly technique to render something out to a high degree and later perhaps dillute it again but right at the moment that’s the only way for me to solve this scene and I guess I will learn a ton from this painting.

I’m planning to make huge progress this weekend so the next WIP should not be far away. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Ok, I did pretty much of the detailing of the right side including the frame and all the other stuff. On the wooden floor and the carpets I’m going for a specular highlight effect which I will work out further when the details are finished in the whole painting.

The painting is not finished yet as you can see but that will be my next step (just the last step before I’m going to paint the boy shiver).

You also see that I smoothed out most of the overlayed textures on the wood and the carpets. That fits the overall style of the artwork much better I think. Overpainting those carpets was a hell lot of work but it was worth is, isn’t it?


This is awesome…both conceptually and visually…can’t wait to see the finished version!

Congrats and keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

p.s. BTW…u work at Ascaron Entertainment? wow…how’s the pirate game coming? I’m a fan of the port royale series. Or is that a different company? if so, oops, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


One nice thing I encounterd is, that the whole arrangement with those carpets let to a virtual “zig zag path” into the painting from the viewers point! I further developed this path by continuing the zig zag in the painting and by that suggesting, that ultimately it’s the VIEWER who is lured into the paiting. Now, that’s clever, isn’t it? :wink:


Yes, it sure is clever! :applause: It is looking fantastic, wish I could give you some crits but can’t find anything to crit. :scream:

Just wondering, which brushes do you normally use? You have a rather soft/hard look in there which I’m wondering how you came about.

I do think it looks better without the texture, nice move there.


hey! i must say that has to be my fav painting so far in the challenge! keep up the great work and send me a print when your done :wink:


Yeah, It’s absolutely stunning.

Some german words:

Mann , du glaubst garnicht wie ich mich auf die Convention freue. Ich hoffe mal, dass bis dahin die Gewinner festehen und du uns dann ein kleines “Making of” zeigen würdest. Mich interessiert im Moment am meisten wie du es geschafft hast die Teppichtexturen so malerisch zu machen. Hast du die einfach übermalt oder hast du da einen kleinen Trick benutzt ?

Achja, nochmal zum Bild: Ich finde,dass du noch etwas Gras (Grasbüschel) aus dem Gemälde rauswachsen lassen könntest. Sonst fallen mir im Moment keine weiteren Verbesserungsvorschläge ein.


One of my favourites - excellent work!

Just one thing - the join between the floorboards stands out because it’s not parallel with the edge of the carpet. No reason why it should be, of course, but to me it just looks wrong.

Oh, and another thing. Where the edge of one carpet is visible through the carpet above it, I think you’ve done the shading too deep and too sharp.


OK, I painted the landscape in the magic painting. I really like how it tuned out. I love the studio Ghibli movies and I decided to go for that very colorful, sunny alpine look of movies like “Howl’s Moving Castle” or “Spirited Away”. Of course I had to include my dark mountain, but I decided to let it look less like a vulcano but more like a dark alpine mountain with some type of magic going on on his top.


The light you got there… it’s really joy to look at. :wip:


That mountain, BTW is the “Mountain of Gods” which originates from a colored sketch I did a few years ago:

which appeared also in another sketch:

and which ultimately is the place where the Firelord rised (which is a character I portrait frequently):

Ok, that for some background info. :slight_smile:

And now for your questions!

@ paperclip:

I mostly use round standard brushes with more or less hardness and roundness. I do like to pull down the flow of these brushes to values between 30 and 50%.

I also use different custom brushes which I captured from spattered ink or acrylic paint.

@ snafe:

I adjusted the carpet and wood textured by simple overpaiting them with my standard brushes. Yes, it was a hell lot of work. :slight_smile:

@ BaronImpossible:

Thanks for your input! I lightened up the edge in the farest carpet. The join between the two wood boards in fact IS paralell but the perspective is very wide so it does not really look like it. I guess I will experiment with that because breaking perspective sometimes helps to make it look better (I did break the perspective in the extreme near foreground for example)

Thank’s for your nice comments, as always! It’s very pleasing to come into this thread, thank you very much!


Your work is simply amazing! I have no words to describe it. :applause:
It´s a pleasure to follow your work step by step.
Keep the excellent work up.


your work is exciting. composition ideas are brilliant. looking for final image.


fook, u almost killed me there, for a minute i thought u made all that for this challenge.

even so, all your work is amazing and this challenge entry is no exception



One of my favorites…excellent work:thumbsup:


that’s a fantastic and wonderfull paint you made!
composition , colors and concept are very strong.
All your work is powerfull!!