The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


wonderful details! Gosh this is such a wonderful idea, great work!! I adore the lighting!


This is turning out so wonderfully- great details and beautiful tones overall.

I wish I could paint like this. :sigh:


I just have to say that this work is turning out amazing. Love the mood, the feeling, the concept… everything!!! Wish you good luck Daniel and keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


I love everything about this. The concept has an original perpective, the background is full of story and symbolism, and the rendering just looks exquisite. I’ve enjoyed seeing your process, and look forward to seeing more.


Should any of us keep painting?.. this guys got it the bag… ha! :scream:

Fantastic work man…

Can’t believe your using Photoshop and getting these good o’ results…

Keep kickin’ it…



it rocks, I like it very much
It’s just impressive :slight_smile:
reminds me of “chronicles of narnia” (already mentioned by someone else?)

(oder so) :smiley:


Today I worked on the boy’s “creative corner”. I imagine him a bit like myself - surrounded by stuff like Paints, paper sheets, toys … I’m going to put drawings onto the papers but I will safe that for the end because it should be a lot of fun to paint some children’s drawings. Kind of a reward after finishing all the painstaking detail.


just stunning… fast turning into my fav piece… keep it coming


I adore the textures! How did you do those??

Awsome work!! :eek:


@ enialadam:

I mostly apply textures by painting them seperately on another canvas and then use the transform tool to bring them into the right perspective. It would be just impossible to paint those details all in the right perspective. In some rare occasions I also use photographed textures but I’m quite cautious with that since I do not want to get too realistic. But when I’m thinking about the red carpets in the scene I will definetely look for some photos on the internet to texture them.

As an example, here is the wood texture I use on the floor and the wooden beams:

it was painted by using a rake brush, and a toothbrush custom brush. The bloated holes were done with the liquify tool. The texture does not have to be perfect the most important point is, that it is put into the right perspective via the transform tool.


WoW! Man, I see that working going very well! Fantastic style you have there, deatails are really amazing! Your work is one of my favorite for winning this challenge! Keep it :thumbsup:


Beautiful work Daniel! I really like the idea too. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


important point is, that it is put into the right perspective via the transform tool.

man that’s another example of knowing what a tool can do but not putting it to good use…

you have shown me at least I need to mess around with PS tools more often… guess I get so use to using the few I know I forget about everything else…

Thanks for the insite digitaldecoy



Very interesting thread you have here man :slight_smile: Really cool how you’re telling these small stories as you complete this piece. The realism of your rendering’s top notch. Look’s like you’re almost done with this. What’s up with everyone finishing up so quickly when I havent even started my piece yet? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, goodluck. This’ll be a very dramatic scene.


wow. Just wow, you know how to do your stuff… I have the speedpainting video of yours and even though I don’t have a clue of your German, the video was very cool…


I like all the small details you put into this piece. Yours is still my favorite :slight_smile:


Ok, so I had some happy painting with this stuff here. :slight_smile: The Homer bust is a bit screwed at the moment but I will come back to that later. At the moment I’m just trying to pump up the details to an equal level in the whole image. Later I will so some serious restructuring of lighting and colors, I think. Luckily I did not need to find a reference for the sailing ship since I’m working on a pirate game for a year now I can paint those things blindfolded. :wink:
For the rugs I used two photos from the internet. I will have to enhance their look later to fit to the painterly style of the other elements.


Adorable! :eek:

But You did use photoraphs for the carpets, too, didn’t You? If not, I have to :cry:


no crits just keep doing what your doing.


duh, forgot to post before


plus 'boo cheat 3d user :stuck_out_tongue: