The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


wow! Wonderful idea, great paintings I love the lighting and colours!


This is strong!

In my eyes its your best painting even this far and i just settle back into my armchair and enjoy this journey.


I am liking the concept and I love the composition, I would like to see a more dynamic pose on the child though, right now he seems a little underawed as to the amazing thing he’s just found. Also maybe something to suggest that he’ll go through the mirror??

Aside from that…you’re doing fantastically and I love it! :love:


Thank you all for your nice comments!

@ paperclip:

That’s a good point and I’m surprised nobody came up with it, yet. The boy is a complete placeholder at the moment, though. I’m going to do some serious drawing on his pose since I really want the viewer to participate in the boy’s adventure. That’s gonna be the toughest part of the painting but I’m looking forward to it. That’s what this whole challenge is about anyway - to travel to new lands, to do things you have never done before, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all youe encouragement!


Great start! Excellent idea, I like it very much :thumbsup:


Before I post my final Color Concept, here’s the 3D Rendering I worked from. Well, in facts that’s not a rendering but a screenshot I took from the viewport. The set construction was done in Maya.


Ok, that’s it for now. I established the main lighting sceme now and I populated the scene. I added lots of objects to the right side of the attic including a globe, a telescope, a sailing ship model, a medical skeleton, a suitcase and a bust of Homer (writer of “The Odysee”). Yes, you guess it - that stuff is all related to the theme of travelling (well, the skeleton represents “the last journey”).

On the left side, there’s everything the boy holds dear in his life. His drawings, his cat, the laundry which represents his mother and family.

I ultimately want to show what “travelling” is all about - leaving places and things we hold dear and venture into unknown territory.

The next step will be some lineart and I will scale the painting up.


Wow! That’s already looking amazing and you still have almost three months to go!! Great Job!


All in your work looks perfect for me, Daniel ( It can be a reason to depress a guy as me ). Your theme & idea / your composition and the réalisation are … perfect for this challenge. This picture talk a lot for me, and I will follow your thread with attention, it’s sure. I wish you the best condition to can finish as you want your project. The only advice I could give, is why not include a foreground object on one corner , with dark and blur to increase more depth ?.. Don’t think it’s necessary, I just write it to have an advice to give :smiley:

Really good work :applause:



wow i just found me a personal favorite for now:thumbsup:


Everything looks great to me. Reading your explaination of the image, and watching your development process is extremely interesting. Look forward to following it, good luck :slight_smile:


Excellent, in my top 3 so far. The only other problem I can see is that there is a lot of space that isn’t really doing anything, especially in the bottom 1/3. I would suggest making the picture bigger (the framed picture, I mean, not the actual image!) and bringing the child closer to the viewer, perhaps moving towards the left corner also.


wow… ure so fast man… take it izi uehueheuhe congrats… best luck… cya !


I really love the idea, and you rendered it quite nice, even in this unfinished state.

The only thing that bothers me a bit here is the little window in the roof. the light from it falls behind the painting and the painting itself is glowing. I think it would be stronger if you leave the window out, or at least its light (or direct it to another place), so there is a stronger contrast between the thing behind the painting and the painting itself. Right now it looks to me as if all the light could come from the window instead of the painting (like the light spot on the globe).
Anyway, it looks better than most things I come up with :slight_smile:


that painting does look inviting!! I really like how you played with color, making everything less colorful and the painting with vivid colors!

good luck!


Great concept. I definately can’t wait to see this one completed.

I totally agree with Yoitisi on how the painting looks like it is glowing. The glowing makes it look like a really bright lightsource but the outside window is darkness from the window outside makes it look strange.

Good luck on completing it.


Damn, this is flat out beautiful!!

The boy himself is the weakest point so far (apart from the mentioned window), but i´m glad to hear you going to fix that anyway.

Boy, I knew you would kick some a**- but i didn´t know it was mine … :smiley:
tries to sneak out of this challenge somehow


Talk about progress, this is coming out extremely well, looking forward to more. Keep it up!


Wow, this is really beautiful already!! Great job! I’m still not sure what the journey is about though… Is he going through the painting?

Really nice work!


This last sketch is fantastic!
great how the painting is standing out, with the greyish tones of a dusty addick :thumbsup: