The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


Congrats on 2nd place ^o^
Honestly, you are my #1, because your painting is not only wonderfully done, but also 100% hit the nail of the theme. Well done!


Wow! Well, what should I say? I’m a bit overwhelmed here. When I browsed the CG Society news page yesterday morning and saw the link to the winner announcement my heart made a jump and when I clicked the link, scrolled down and saw my painting there I totally freaked out (you should have seen the faces of my colleagues at work).

I can only say congratulations to all the winners and runner ups, congratulations to CG Society for this wonderful contest out of which emerged such great artwork from all the artists and applause to all you wonderful people who offered me such great input and encouragement on this Journey. I enjoyed this challenge so much and a great deal of this enjoyment stems from the community over here. Thank you very much!


Congratulations, your lighting, detail, and concept were dead on.


I found your work very inspirational and “close to heart”. wonderfull!


Like i told you already on the phone: you really deserve this price.
Especially including those DVDs , you were so eager for. Congratulations.

Thanks so very much for the insight of your work and your useful help with mine.

Hm, the downside is that for you there´s not much space left to improve in the next contest…haha.

Nee, bin nur neidisch :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: Congratulations,I love your work and I hope to make friends with you.


i like a lot this work…my fav


I congratulate!!! Excellent work! It is visible that long travel is necessary to this guy.:thumbsup:


Well, i won’t think up for an excuse, first for have not taken THIS challenge (which is another great piece in the line of challenges…) and second have not been part of THIS journey…Black already said it: it’s not an extreme piece of art, but you’ve interpreted that in a way, which touches everyone of us…(is there any child out there, not liking attics…places of adventures with or without paintings leading into another dimensions…)

Have i said that i got a new wallpaper on my pc…?

Kind regards…:thumbsup:


Congrats Daniel!

I noticed this image before and I thought it should have won the first place. It is amazing!
Today I realized it is from you Daniel :slight_smile: … great!!! It is one of the best images I have seen in a long time.

btw: Du wirst mich in Zukunft öfter in Deinem neuen Forum sehen :wink:

Viele Grüße,



only one word ; awesome.


Just saw the next painting and dicover there was a begining to the story, awesome !
I wish I could see an entire illustrated book with the story, this would be great.

Keep them coming, that’s a pleasure.


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