The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


Terrific work. Enjoyed discovering this charming image.


almost forgot to drop by and say good luck!!

… maybe it’s because you don’t need it ? :wink:
wonderful work, hope to see you in the next one.



Daniel…I dont know what should I say!..I saw your work right now!
this is wonderful
this is greath!
this is amazing!
this is everything…oh my God let me see another time!..
:love: what a lovely little son!
he is thinking about journey…with his little sword…
oh little son…come on kill me with your sword…I like you…
I kill myself if this work dont get the grandprize:banghead: …
this is the best work I saw in this challenge…
this is able to grandprize!..
I’m just telling my feeling about this work!
your idea can be a greath film too!

very valuable art work!
your technic is * * * *
[b]but your idia is * * * * *

keep up man!


yes, that are a strong candidate for the awards !

Nice idea e very well executed !


i love your entry from the early brushstrokes.


Congratulations Pal

urs was 1 of my favourites



Congratulations daniel.


I was really glad to see this amongst the winners - It’s such a magical piece! Well done! :thumbsup:


Congrats, Daniel. As expected… :wink: :applause:



Congratulations on the win! Richly deserved as it’s such a cool piece. How do you feel?


Congratulations Daniel… well done… :thumbsup: as i said earlier on the challenge… the details are great!!


Your picture is so beautiful i can’t find words for it. The whole mood is incredibly harmonious wow just wow ! :thumbsup:


You really deserve your place, and maybe much more!
This illustration is really great. The details on this picture, your lights, all is perfect!


Congratulations, Daniel! A great piece, and well deserving of a great prize!



Congrats on placing 2nd with a wonderful image


well done on the 2nd prize, wonderful piece of art. it now stretches across my two monitors:) congrats again


Ha! Its so good when a great job has his recogniton!! Congratulations!! Wonderfull image!!


Absoluty great!!you´ve done an amazing job, I´d give you another 1st prize but…hehe:thumbsup: Hats off to you!:applause:


Best piece in the show, congrats. :thumbsup:


Congratulations on making the winning list :slight_smile:
was watching your work throught the course of the contest.

my ‘journey begins’ entry