The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


Wicked lighting - Jumanji eat your heart out! Like the fact he’s kitted out for the adventure ahead…



Wow, another great entry. Best of luck to you, this is a wonderful piece.


ha nice…i deff feel you on this one. =)


That entry rocks. Excellent idea, Excellent painting.


This has to be one of them most exquisitely well-thought and executed images I have seen in a VERY long time. It’s so unbelievably rich in concept and essence that it’s scary. And above all stands just the ultimately fitting rendering with truly satisfying lighting and the very attention to details.

This piece is enormous and mind-blowingly professional.

I wouldn’t need to check all the other entries in order to say that this piece is my absolute favourite and will be among the winning entries for sure. And that’s what someone like me says - a fan of sci-fi related, realistic works which stands in a total opposite to what your piece is.

Daniel, I wish you the best of luck!

Ich drück dir alle Daumen! :slight_smile:


in my eyes,u have won this thing,:thumbsup:apart from the fantastic exercution,i think this is one of the ideally and conceptually the best i’ve seen so far,wish u the very best of luck


I became the boy in your image the moment I saw it. Lovely concept and execution. Funny, the last thing I noticed was the ball of yarn the boy is holding, and that totally completed this image for me. You illustrated that fear of the unkown perfectly. Fantastic work! You are also incredibly honest. Big, big kudos to you. Congratulations on completing the image, and good luck. :slight_smile:


great pic, dude



Thank you, you guys! Thank you very much. I deeply appreciate your support!


absolutely one of my favorites, anyone wanna bet this one is taking a prize ?
i think it should atleast get some award :slight_smile:


5 stars from me! ill let everyone else boost your ego. i am too lazy to type. :slight_smile:


OMG… the ligting exceeded my imagination… Great job man!! :thumbsup:


This image is my favorite !!

I like it a lot: all the details around the attic, the crayons, the courage and innocence, the desire of adventure but willing coming back to home… the company of the best friend: the teddy bear :love:

Daniel, Congrats! :applause:


The power of the imagination is incredible. Definately my favorite to win. Good luck!


I’ve been looking through the entries and I must say, yours was the first one to really hit me.

The concept is absolutely amazing, I wish I had the ability to come up with ideas like this and not only that, to execute them so perfectly.

Top notch. I hope you take a prize for this one.


Very emotional. Reminds me of the lion the witch and the wardrobe. Good job.


I think this is a wonderful image, full of possibility and expectation.



I love that concept! Simple that!

Congratulations and Good Luck man!


“That was totally wicked”

Nice job man, great concept, five stars from me…


Absolutely lovely. I feel definitely comfortable sitting there by his side, staring at the glowing unknown. But I also feel like my eyes are starting a long journey traveling from an object to another throughout the room. It’s intimate, yet immense. I love it!