The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


Really strong entry. I’m pretty sure you’ll win something for this :slight_smile: Goodluck man.



can’t believe i hadn’t seen this one before. so much detail. i just stared at it for about 15 min straight. i love the overlapping rugs and the cobwebs look great. great concept great execution.

5 thumbs up!


Congratulations on finishing! This is a fine work and I wish you best of luck in the judging!


Thank you all very much for your encouragement! I slowly realize how hard it is to commit to a final version when there is still time left to change things. It leads to thoughts about when an artwork is actually finished. That painting is a very important one for me, since I never really worked on one artwork over such a long time (2 month in this case). It’s hard to keep an open mind when a subject is so permanently presented to you. At the end I could not even say if the painting turned out good at all (even the flip test looked familiar to me after some weeks…). I’m not fishing for compliments I just want to say that this contest was a great opportunity for me and indeed a real challenge. I want to finally thank you all for your support!


This is a stunning image! Love the character design!


Good luck man!
Great idea :slight_smile:


good luck my friend, hope to see this one in the finals :slight_smile:


Ooh, nice concept. I really like the yarn he is holding so that he can find his way back :slight_smile:


Man! i love this pic


Way to go, Daniel! congratulations on such a wonderful piece. The detail and amount of love that’s going into every inch of this is apparent. And, while I’m not usually a fan of write-ups, I have to say that I really liked yours, tying together the subject, the use of metaphors, and your own artistic intentions. Now rest… you have a big long wait in front of you! :slight_smile:



Hi Daniel, I must say your final image is absolutely F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C man. I f I would have to choose a winner among all the great artwork around here it would be yours without hesitation. What I feel when I see it is like I were reading one of the books I loved in my childhood.


Bravo! Best of Luck!


Bravo! We have a winner! Oops, maybe a bit premature, but it’s a safe bet you’ll win something.


Beautiful, One of my favorites.


@ BaronImpossible:

You know, I don’t feel quite comfortable with assumptions like that. I remember the “Master and Servant”-Challenge I joined in the past. I felt very confident in that challenge and I was totally sure that with my ideas and skill I would blast any competition. I drooled over the prices and I even figured out what to do with a new computer or Cintiq tablet. But that all was not reality. Reality was that I got totally stuck in a dead end with my painting, I totally screwed up the painterly execution and I had to throw away a work that had already cost me many hours of my life. I just underestimated the challenge of diving into a subject so deeply that you won’t return to the surface for weeks or even months. My plan was week and my ambition was the wrong one - the nice prices pulled me toward the goal and I was not even aware of the fact that the real subject of the challenge - the painting - was braking apart right on from the beginning.

That all was a very uncomfortable experience. And when I finally got to the insight what went wrong I was ashamed of myself.

That’s why I had quite a hard time to enter this challenge right from the beginning. It was the fear of failing again. The reason why I entered anyway was, that this time I had an idea I really wanted to develop. The picture of the boy on the attic came to me when I was laying in bed like a vision. I knew I wanted to paint it and a few weeks later there was this challenge announced with a theme that perfectly fitted my idea. Given my experience from my last challenge I knew that the real challenge for me this time would not be to make a better artwork than the other contestants - given the quality of the community members here I did not even think about that - but to simply finish this time with a painting that would be true to my vision. Can you imagine how much I connect to the little boy in the painting and his fear to go on a journey he does not know the outcome of? I guess you can.

So, in a way you are right. We have a winner here. I consider myself being victorious over my fears and my egoistic tendencies. I finshed my journey, I reached my goal and I am happy.

If my painting will be among the contest winners that’s a whole other question and I guess the only ones entitled to answer that will be the judges. Let’s not try to do their jobs!

sorry for the rambling but I felt like talking about that stuff. Thanks for your nice comments anyway. I appreciate them although I have my little issues about them. :slight_smile:


sounds like, in your words, you’ve already won and that’s fantastic. and if you get a prize for your work so be it.

personally, i think you deserve it.

fantastic work. 'nuff said.


Hmmm… yes we definitely have a winner here…
If the award turns out to be only your self accomplishment (which to my humble opinion, is the ever greater)… then we not only have a winner but also a group of judges that I definitely can not agree with.
What position I wouldn’t know. But I would so like to see your work some where up there in the listings…

You seem to have gone a long way and succeded to present us a world so easy to take part of.
I close my eyes for a simple blink and I am taking that little boys steps into my earlier series of many adventures. An emotion that not every entry is capable of providing.

Your idea is not an extreme to any rate… but the way you have executed the concept is amazing. And it is really difficult to define “Journey” any stronger.

I wish you the best of Luck… even though I am convinced you shall be needing little of it.



I hope you win! I’m in love with this image!I t’s like having whole childhood in front of my eyes. All dreams where you wanted to go and do.


that’s my favorite for sure…
nothing much to say.


in case i didn’t say it already…VERY impressive piece, daniel…and very precise workflow too.

congratz… :slight_smile: