The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske



Just some words: thank you.



Wonderful image Daniel, the ball of string is just priceless…good luck!


Beautiful! Simply and satisfyingly beautiful.


I agree!! That image is fantastic!!!
It decorates already my Desktop.


I love the addition of the spiderwebs. They look awesome and make for a great atmosphere. Also, as others said, very nice details. I particularly like how the painting shines through the piece of cloth and how the grass grows out of the painting into the real world. Makes me wish I could go to the convention in May to hear you talk about it :slight_smile:


It’s been said before, simply amazing!:bowdown: I won’t be surprised if you’re a winner at all.


your overpaint changes the perspective of both the hand and the sword.
If you have a closer look at the hand you can see it is bend to left side
but your overpainted sword looks like bent to the right side…

Daniel: einfach geil :smiley:


im going to be honestwith you, I think the boy looks too flat now and kind of cartoonish compared to the rest of the painting. I originally loved the other pose, it fit so much more. I feel this one just stands out too much, and distracts. It’s not painted poorly, it’s awesome…but just doesnt fit so much. Just a suggestion, anyways its gunna be awesome :slight_smile: I just ran through all the phases u did, and im very impressed. good work


Thanks Daniel. There is always a way to find time to learn something new. Now I know where Congo, Uganda and Namibia are? :slight_smile: Too bright?

Great work.


Very very nice and clear in the style. Good luck.


No word to say…fantastic! I’m really love your concept.

Good luck!


Now, this is one of those moments you try to avoid in your life - calling something finished and let it go. I think, I could still spend plenty of hours painting on this but it just won’t getting better. More likely it would just getting worse.
So I decided to end my journey for this time and declare my painting finished. Thanks for all the great input and your words of encouragement. I really enjoyed this challenge and I wish you all the best for your own entries!


This is awesome, you did an incredible job. I think I liked the painting more when it was a little darker though with a slightly more ominous look, now I just don’t understand the apprehensive look and the sword in his hand. Other than that though this is great. Congratulations on a job well done.


uufffff !! i know i’m going to say the same things that other people there, but it’s a really impressive and amazing work. I love the concept, and i think the fact to put an illustrated (good) story is excellent. and moreover, the execution (with 3d for a perfect perspective and the colorization) is awsome. All the details in your picture give a really nice atmosphere, the luminosity is well done and shows the most important zone. Our eyes are attracted by this zone. Anyway, as we say in french “je kiff” (= I love) :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job :smiley:


The Journey Begins

My jouney begins on an old and dusty attic. A little boy unveiled a passage to another world and prepared his jouney. The moment is there - the moment of gathering courage and beginning the journey.

I wanted to paint a picture about the nature of journeys. I wanted to show, that you always have to leave something behind if you want to reach for a distant goal. The boys belongings are on the left side, as well as his cat and the place he calls home, which shines a warm light from below the attic trapdoor.
On the right side I painted things that symbolize the journey. There you find the globe, the telescope, the ship, the bust of the great Homer and the skeleton which stands for the last journey.
My goal was to create a tension between the two worlds, so the perspective lines are arranged to build a subtle drag into the glowing painting.

I also wanted to paint a picture about us artists. We constantly struggle to open doors to other worlds with our artwork and by creating foreign landscapes and fantastic creatures we fuel the imaginations of our spectators.
Our paintings literally become portals into the realm of fantasy and that’s why in my painting the zig zag path formed by the road and the carpets ultimately leads to the viewer - to invite him on a journey of his own.

-Daniel Lieske


Daniel, this is truly astonishing, like everybody else has pointed out already. The story, and the way you explain your intentions, really back up this wonderful piece. I hope you will be among the winners!


fukkin’-A, compadre! this is the first finished work i’ve seen yet in the challenge, and a winner it is! if you don’t take first place, i’ll eat a pizza. well, that didn’t sound too difficult – but, hey, i’ve been in a diet and lost 43 lbs in 4 months, so, that’s like saying i’ll eat an elephant!

really think you’ve done an exceptional job in all areas: idea, composition, emotion, execution and presentation. congrats on a job very well done…

(saved this image as inspirational wallpaper, if you don’t mind…)


I am drooling at the gorgeous details and lighting you have here. The glare from the painting is simply brilliant to say the least! I do hope you win! :slight_smile: Good luck and all the best!


This is a awesome pic with an incredible lighting very great work. Good luck for the challenge:thumbsup:


Outstanding work ! I’m looking foward to your Illustrationtutorial. :slight_smile: