The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske


Fantastic. The quality’s really way up there… Adding more atmosphere to this thing might win you an award man, so take it easy will yah? :smiley:

I kinda agree with ramy badie with the somewhat staring at the homer head thing. When I follow the boy’s stare, it passes the painting and lands on that head. But it aint a big deal I guess. I only noticed it after reading ramy badie’s post :slight_smile: I second jeromoo’s nitpick with the intense shadow on top of the carpet too.

You kick ass man.


this is getting seriously good now. i agree that the boy’s hair is a bit to sculpted, and that his gaze almost misses the painting. great pose though, he looks very aprehensive. I like the way he’s gripping the warn close to his chest. Brilliant stuff. and you still have so much time to perfect it. Can’t wait to see some dust in the air too!


excellent this little boy has so much character.


I have been looking at your thread from the begining and I must say I really like the idea and realisation of your picture. It is so cute and the atmosphere is great. There is nothing to critic in your art.

Well, good luck with your picture.


that must be a really great journey for a boy at that age.great concept, i really loved it


OK, that might well be the last update before I submit my final image. That does not mean that I won’t put much more work into the piece but all changes from now on will be in the detail and in overall color and tonal balance and the result of these final adjustments I will probably present you in the final image. So dare with me and the little boy. The goal of my journey is within sight!

This WIP again shows a cropped version of the painting. I rather like this crop and I’m going to tune the final image in a way so that this image area will be emphasized and the rest will act more like a frame for this central area of the image. Floating dust, bloom and other tough ups are reserved for the very end.


I won’t be surprised if you’re announced as a winner in June.


This image is amazing, and the detail put into it is superb but the pencils seem a bit bright, compared to the objects around them. The little touches that you have added really make this image great, like the light reflecting off parts of the globe. Great work!


Hey, I gotta get over to the 2d entries more often! This is really good!


I won’t be surprised if you’re announced as a winner in June.
i agree with theresa about this

only little problem is shodows of the carpets are still too strong it needs to be very soft in my opinion


I love this image. So many cute little details.


One of my favorites!
The idea is very good. And your Style is wonderful.


hi . it is nice .watch mine and tell me your idea


WHOUHHHAAAAAAA!!!Hey amazing, thumbs up…Surely be hanging around here a lot!!he,he
Winner man!!!




Hi Man, how i didn’t be here before this is great piece and also the coloring is professional man, i don’t have critiques it is just awsome.:arteest:


:slight_smile: Very Very Very Nice

I love the details and picture frame / doorway idea

Great work!!


Great one :slight_smile: I love it :buttrock:


I realy love this image, it has a beautiful and perfectly rendered story behind it. So many amazing details there!

However, the child’s sword seems a bit broken to me. I painted quickly what i mean:

Not sure it looks perfect like this… just a suggestion…

Awesome work, my very favourite piece in this challenge :thumbsup:


Hallo Daniel,

didn`t realize that we got so fantastic 2d artist here in Germany :wavey: brilliant artwork and really lovely story you present us in your wip here…