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Good luck, Daniel!

Although for you it will not be a matter of luck but of your excellent skills of course :slight_smile:

Looking foward to your ideas…

Lieben Gruss


Now, for a start I want to put down the very basic elements of my concept in a very simple sketch. I’m going to depict a child which is starting it’s journey into a painting of a mystical landscape. This is, what we as artists all strive to achieve at the end: to send the mind of the viewer on a journey. The viewer on the other hand tries to free his mind and like a child travel in his imagination to places no one has ever seen before.

That is the basic idea for my artwork. From here on I now have to flesh the whole thing out. That’ll be a long journey of it´s own. :slight_smile:


Try to sketch up a view in front of the painting… and the boy already in the painting venturing deeper and with his tracks showing that he walked into the painting… Will be awesome! Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:


Nice drawing! Definitely depicts the beginning of a large journey
and might be cool to see him in the painting as already suggested.
Have fun!

The Journey Begins


good luck mate


Thanks for your wishes and your input!

@ artvandely:

Thank you! The biggest hurdle will be to reach the finish line this time. That´s not the first Challenge I subscribed to but I never finished one. :slight_smile:

@ FrozZT:

I also thought of the possibility to place the viewer in front of the painting, but for two reasons I think I´m not going to do it this way. First, I want to show the character and his state of mind. I aim at a mixture of anxiety and fear that will always mix up at the beginning of a journey. And second, I think I don’t really want to show the landscape the child is going to explore. Perhaps I give a hint on which type of landscape it is (like a forest, or an open prairy) but in the end I think it´s a cool idea for the viewer imagining his own landscape.

But of course I need a “stage” for this scene. That´s something, I’m still thinking of at the moment.

Thanks for the input!


Don´t fret, Daniel. Believe me: this time you will be ready. I have ways of making you draw :scream:

To achieve this and since Duracel is in it as well i subscribed too. We make a wonderful DD-Trio, don´t you think?

Maybe you should give FrozZt Suggestion a second thought. It will be hard to make clear that it´s not just a boy standing in front of a Canvas. Or you turn the whole scene and place the frame in front of the boy and the viewer can look right through. I mean, hey, it´s mystical painting, isn´t it? Aaw, anyway, you´ll be doing fine.



Ha ha, guys now you are challenging me and I have to proove that my idea is working the way I think it does! Makes the potential fall depper, but hey - that´s the essence of jouneys: the higher you climb the deeper you may fall. :smiley:

Rock on art! I could stand losing the first place to you. ;);):wink:


Now, I´m closing in to the actual scene this image will depict. I recently visited my parens house and I climbed up the ladder to the attic where I did spend a lot of time im my childhood. I had my own little “cave” there and it was always very narrow and dark and we even had kind of “canyon” there were two roofs met and a “bridge” (actually a wood panel) led over it. However, since my childhood I´m fascinated by attics and I thought it would be a cool idea to place this scene with the little child and the painting in such a place.

So, this is the first attempt to grasp the scene, to establish the space. There will be a lot stuff to do in this scene. I want the attic to look really wast and mysterious. I want to show the entrance to the attic in the background and perhaps let some light come up from there just to show, where the safe place is. Also, I want the left side of the scene look quite “normal” with normal stuff packed there like paper cartons, toys or drying cloths - the stuff you normally put into your attic. But the right side should become the myserious part of the attic. There´s the stuff from grandma and grandma’s grandma - stuff from the last century. And there, on the mysterious side of the attic, there’s the painting which calls the child.

Now, I see the scene very diffuse at the moment. It just has to evolve in my mind. There are some ideas thogh which put like flashlights on the scene. I see a wooden sword in the boy’s belt. I see his cat watching the scene and representing his fear. I see a red woolen thread that he has knotted to a wooden beam in order to find back home. I guess I will place some hints to other stories in the scene as well. Perhaps there wil be an “alice in wonderland” toy somewhere or some old Jules Verne books. And the biggest questions stays unanswered for me right at the moment: what Painting is he standind before? I just don’t know yet. That will come to me in time, I guess.


It’s very nice idea. But maby, it would look better in 3 point perspective with camera behind back of kid to show more what is going on inside the mirror, but as i said - maby, just for check.

Good luck on your journey :wink:


Very nice idea! Perhaps make the painting glow, with the arm of a mysterious being pop out of it seducing the boy to jump in on a magical journey beyond?! :eek: :scream: :smiley:

Just an idea…

Your concept is great with the whole idea blocked down, but just by looking at the image, it’s hard to tell what it’s about. Give some hint that he’s about to go somewhere, maybe he could have his hand magically peep thru the painting, or do the earlier version with the arm popping out the painting… Those are just suggestions… :slight_smile: You’ve got something going here. Just needs a few more nudges beyond… :thumbsup: Good luck!



I went on with constructing a rough 3D model of the scene I’m going to paint. This helps me in two ways. First it would be very tedious to contruct the perspective of this interior, so I’m going to render the perspective construction. Second, I found it quite difficult to find the right position for the camera and the props. The 3D set helped me in finding the right angle so that all elements would nicely fit into the frame.


This concept was painted over a shot I took from my 3D reference. The shot included no lighting so that part was manually painted. This painting now is a rough concept I used to play with the scene. I began to populyte the attic with different objects, laid carpets on the ground, pinned drawings on the wooden beam and aranged the painting.

I’m going for three main lightsources. The most prominent is the painting itself. I decided to stick to my initial idea of the beautiful landscape because that way the attiv receives a lot of light form the painting. For a moment I thought of a dark dungeon with red gloomy light coming from the painting, but that would not provide the tonal values I’m looking for.

I added a lot of objects of which some are not right in perspective. I will go back top the 3D scene and add those bigger shapes to it just to make sure that the perspective is right. I’m going to spend a whole lot of time painting this image and I don’t want to waste it.


After finishing the Concept Painting I tried to find out, what the compositional masses of the painting could be. Yes, that sounds a bit crazy because normally you would think that that’s the first thing to find out. But I made the experience that sometimes it’s better to start out and follow you stomach without thinking about composition so much. In most cases, a certain composition builds up itself without you noticing it. When a painting is at a certain point I look out for the composition and try to analyse it.

Now, here I found two circles around the paintings main focus points. The left circle has it’s centre in the central vanishing point of the scene which also is nearly the position of the child’s head. The second circle is around the painting’s most bright point - the landscape painting. The two circles touch each other and on that point we see a globe in the background.

After I found out about this composition, which by the way I really like, I added several objects to support it (a second carpet, the candle, the foreground book).

In the next step I’m going back to the 3d set and adjust some of the elements to fit even better in this composition.


Great stuff man, I like the mood and colours. Maybe you should post also the 3d render that you used for reference to show the changes you made :slight_smile: good luck man :thumbsup:



Showing the underlying 3D-Render is a good idea, of course. I will do so when I have made all adjustments to the scene and start to paint the real thing.


Wow, you’re fast :slight_smile: It looks awesome as far :slight_smile:


[left]yeah man, very good composition, its very clean and apealling. looks like a movie still, good luck


hello ^^

I love your pict !
the ambiance is realy good :slight_smile:

good luck ^^