The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dalton Alves Muniz


Stunning colour! I love the blue and red and the pitted rocks.


Really awesome concept and I LOVE the colours!!! The sky, the birds, totally beautiful! I feel kindof bad for the turtle though…how is he getting to the sea? I’m sure he’ll think of something hehe. Best of luck to you ^^


Excellent job on the challenge…


WebWings: Thanks! I´m glad that you like it! That´s some of things that I work hard in this piece! Best wishes!:thumbsup:

Sourgrapes: Totally thanks Sourgrapes!! I´m happy that you like my concept! Well, I´m sure she will find a way…:). Thanks and best wishes to you!:thumbsup:

Webrage: Thanks man! Best wishes!:thumbsup:


cool concept… awesome image… but in my opinion d first tim i saw d pic i din think of the tirtle… wht i thought of the journey of d birds… i feel the tirtle shud b more focused… rather than d birds… itz only a suggestion… i guess u’ve got better answers…

on the oder hand, the concept is really gr8… gr8 work!!! gud luck:thumbsup:


Thanks, Sam1708! I´m glad that you think about their journey too, because it is a part of the entire concept I thought, the birds are important to make a contrast with the journey of the turtle, the nest are in the first plane to mark a start point for the turtle journey, so I try to focus that moment, her born, the surprise of the birds, and the journey of them.A contrast between them. Well,I think the long wainting for the results is ending. Thanks for the comments! Best wishes to you!


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