The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dalton Alves Muniz



I´m very glad that you like the litlle turtle Sirkku!:slight_smile: I put some chaff around her cask, the idea is to maitain her heated during the cold journey, hey she is a smart turtle!! :wink: But I dont know if this is clear in the image, I hope so. Thanks for the luck wish!:thumbsup:

Best Wishes to you!!


Valeu Sandro! Bacana que curtiu minha ilustra:thumbsup: , também to correndo pra terminar a tempo! Espero que a gente consiga!:buttrock:

Abraço! E boa sorte!!


A close in the nest. Time to go for the flying birds.
Critics and comments always welcome!:slight_smile:


as you said in your last post the flying birds need attention other that that you’re almost there.

Good luck with it, it’s a good one.



looking great!
still waiting for the details on the eyes…i think that could realy push some strong feeling in the piece!

i still love the volours the most1 but also i really like the detailing on the nest…
keep at it!!



Grow the nest in the first plane, some work in the snow steps, also the eagles flying.


Keep Going. Comments and critics always welcome!



Hi Ed! Thank, you are right!:thumbsup: The other birds needs attention, I worked on that, but still need some light and shadow over them. Good luck for you too!:wink:


Hi Cyber! Thanks man! I´m really happy that you still like colors in that point of the image, it means that I folow a right path. I applied some more detail in the nest, and finally in the eyes, its almost done.Take a look.;). Time for final touches!:bounce:

Best wishes!


Almost there.


hi, my love!
your job is just wonderfull. I just can believe that you made it only because i had the pleasure to see you doing it since the first idea! For me it´s perfect! Nice colors, nice idea! Congratulations. I hope you become yourself each time better than before…
I’m a lot gladd for your nice job!:applause:


Since the very first concept, my idea for The Journey
Begins was to made a metaforic one, a Life Begins, a
duplicity. So I think in this piece, a Turtle, borning
in a eagles nest.
As we know, since turtles pull out from their eggs,
the very first action they do is to go for the ocean,
their better chance of survival and developtment. In
opposite of it, the birds offspring STAY in nest,
waiting for their parents, their ways for feeding, and
staying there they will have their better chance of
survival and developtment.
Well, I play with that a little, I put the turtles egg
in the eagles nest, what we could have with that? My
answer is my artpiece, a intrepid and smart turtle,
with no fear in her heart, journing for her goal! She
is smart, because she realizes where she is, and
knowing it is cold, she picks the nest chaff, and put
around her cask, to maintain the heat…;). People may
think, how the turtles egg could appear in a eagles
nest? Well, its a question that every one will have
their own answer, “the mother eagle pick the egg in
mistake” , “a flying turtle leave it there”, “the
mother eagle will feed her sons with her”, well, as I
said its a question that everyone will have their
better answer, but its a good thinking exercise…;).
The eagles flying is a remember of the danger she is
exposed, but I have Faith she will reach her goal, she
is smart, she is litlle but she is strong! I put a
bridge to help her, and the sunrise is marking the
beggining of the the day, of the Life, of the Journey!

I would like to thank every one who help me with their
value opinions and critics, this is my first challenge
and I enjoy it so much, I hope you enjoy my

Better wishes to all!


heyhey! Fine idea, the look on the lil eagles’ faces are great !



wow !!!:eek:
great scene man, i loved, congratulation and good look:bounce:


very nice work! i like ur coloring man, however if u could only put more focus on that cute
turtle will be a good idea, seems hes already off the canvas’ more camera / angle view it could be a closeup view or any my friend


Those eagles are the coolest! You did a great job on creating this hostile atmosphere (hostile for the turtle anyway). Superb rendering on the eagles and nest.
Good luck!


cool dalton!
good see the image finished, the strong point is the colors, congratulations and good luck dude! :beer:


Squibbit, DcMoutinho, Nards26: Thanks guys! I´m really happy that you like the image and idea!:thumbsup:

Norberg: Thanks man!These words becaming from who did so striking realystic piece is a really satisfaction to me:):thumbsup:

Vader:Thanks Dude!!:thumbsup:


Hi! Very good work! And the very interesting idea! I really like it! :slight_smile: I wish you good luck in the voting!


I really like little eagles design you made, thanks for your post on my thread.
I wish you the best for judging.

  • David


Hi, my dear.

i´m very very happy 'cause you was able to make this job untill its end!!
i guess the result of all your nights working on it are just wonderfull!
i just can say that i´m pride for you!


Thanks man! I´m glad you like the idea! Best of luck for you too!

Hey, you´re welcome David, I just post in your thread cause I really like your style!:slight_smile:
Best of luck in the judge for you too!

Thanks my dear! Your support is so important to me!Love you!