The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dalton Alves Muniz


Hi all!
I´m posting here 3 options of layout, as I start the next step of colors, I wonder if a more vertical layout would help to pass the sense of depht and highs. Besides,what I gain in depth I loose in aproximation of turtle in this format. There is a midlle term, option 2. Please tell me your opinions to help me to decide which one is better.



Definitely #3 I think, it has a sense of danger sort of, because they are on the edge, and the other ones look like they are part of a bigger scene and you cropped them, as opposed to #3 which looks like it’s a different view of the entire scene. That’s my personal opinion, hopefully you’ll come to a decision that you are happy with :slight_smile:


I also think #3 is the most captivating, it has the most tension in the composition… But it might bring a new problem with it, because the turtles role gets smaller in the progress… Depends on the colors of course, which part of the image you look at first and so on… I still love it! Good progress!

if you have time to give me some criticism on my journey…
My journey:


Thanks for leaving your impressions Ramy, and Sirkku! I read and I m thinking about that.:slight_smile:

Best wishes!


No. 3 has it all. The expanse and the danger of the depths below. The poor little birdies are going to have to jump down there! :eek:

It’s looking good Dalton



Currently working on birds.


Hi Dalton,

Thanks for what you said about character, this kinna comment gives us enegy to keep going, It is now finished, and working, except for the hair, I am working on it now, maybe I´ll use hair or not at the final version. First renders will come out this week.

You did a great improve on this piece man! It is turning out great !
Honestly, I feel that few artwork around here did hit the CONCEPT of JOURNEY they stablished on CG contest, some give us an idea of journey, but yours is clear on that concept, the lil creatures has no choice than having a journey ahead, a LIFE journey about to BEGIN.
It is good to see a pro ilustrator like you expressing such concept in this beautifull way.
Man hurry up, you will end up with a great artwork to delight us here at CGsociety.

About the layout choice… #3 for sure, improved the sense of danger that the journey

Keep it up. Best wishes!


Improvement on the image.Comment´s are very welcome! It´s been hard to find time to work on the image. Hope I can finish in time.



wow this is really looking great, your details are coming along really beautifully! The rocks and the birds nest… I really like your painting style! The birds expressions are perfect, so amazed and funny! Also the view below and behind the turtle is designed really really well, the rock-‘bridge’ is a very good idea, gives hope! The ocean-view with the flying birds is just stunning… makes me gasp for air… Can’t really say anything to improve this, just can’t wait to see the finished turtle!

Good luck!



Really?! Its finished?? Nice news man!! Wanna see it as soon as possible! But I know renders its not a fast process…;).ehehe. Thanks for your comments Eduardo, I´m really glad that you capture the holy idea I try to pass in this artpiece, your comments gives for me the same energy you mentioneted , to keep going and finish it. I choose the option one, I think I´m loosing too much focus on the turtle in the other two. I hope its the best choice as I´m running out of time. But I will finish it!!

Abração cara!


Oh, very thanks to you Sirkku, I´m happy that you like my painting style! And that you see the suggestion of the “hope bridge”, and like it. Me too, I just cant wait to finish this piece…, I hope you still like in the end of it!..:slight_smile: I´m just posting the steps in the snow, see it in the update!

Best Wishes to you!


Some steps closer…:wink: Even if they are made in snow. Comments are very welcome!


Nice steps Dalton but they should be a bit smaller closer to the cliff to be the correct proportion.

The colouring is lovely. Just do a bit of deailing on the birds out to sea and you’re nearly finished.



Hi Ed!

Thanks, I´m finishing the turtle right now and it will help in setting the rigth proportion and position of her steps. And still have a lot of detailing in birds…Jeee…:wink:

Best Wishes!


The final turtle on her place, I will put a another image wiht a zoom in her.


A zoom in the Turtle(the stranger in the nest)! Comments are very welcome.


hi Dalton,
looks great man, keep going:thumbsup:


Some progress in the ocean!


So Cute! Turtle is great, perfect! I love her expression!
This is just so lovely…
Good luck with the last touches!


hei dalton, o resultado final tá ficando muito bom cara, to curtindo!
força ai e boa sorte. :thumbsup:


Update in the nest. Some texture and light in the eggs, and I put the foots in the other two birds. Critics and comments are welcome!