The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Dalton Alves Muniz


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My concept sketch of Journey Begins, I hope you like.



Painting the sketch with some modifications…, (the egg, more espherical)…, but its close of line of colors I will follow.



I like psychodelic style. However, maybe U should tweak some of the colors for picture to look more consisten, I’m not sure.


hey man,
great concept !!!

  • muito boa a idéia, vai fundo :thumbsup:


opa… mais um brasileiro! bacana dalton!! muito boa sorte cara! :thumbsup:


Vladius: Yeah man, i agree…, the colors need to be more consistent to pass the message and feeling that I though for this scene. I will try to do that in the process…, in the begging i just put some prymary colors to feel if all elements are working in the scene, and i not quite sure with that yet. Thanks!

DCMoutinho: Thanks man!! May the Journey Begins!! hehe
I hope you find time to send your stuff!! Good Luck for us!!
Valeu cara!! Espero que arranje tempo pra mandar seu trampo!!
Boa sorte pra nóis!!

Vader: Yeah dude!! One more brazilian never is so much!! Good Luck for us!!
Isso ae cara!! Mais um brazuca nunca é demais!! Boa sorte pra nóis!!Valeu!!


actually i really really hope you keep the nice colours…it was the first thing that drew me too look at you picture :slight_smile:


I feel the necesssity to grown the image to the right, to give to our little turtle a wide view of her challenge.


hey! very nice ideea! i like alot! :))
but try more on the colors, they are not bad, but try to find a harmony in there :wink:


Good idea! Very nice concept!:applause:

Good Luck:thumbsup:


Hi there friend,

Didn´t know you was at the challenge, good luck!
I am focussed on the short movie now, so I´m not posting anything around, even my cg folio is empty by this moment lol I have to take a mommt to upload smthing.
Your concept is very kool, will keep track of it.
Keep working on the colors, the idea is very very nice really.

Take care, best wishes, tell the other guys at Melies to post here,


Well, how I´m wasnt happy with the angle of scene, I decided to do a change of it. Result is in the images below.


Same concept, but with colors…:wink:


Well, I´m happier with the results now, colors go for blue…, more ice, more cold…poor little turtle, may she have hope to achive her goal? May she?
Yes,I think so!


Hi Dalton

The concept is great. I think it fits the brief perfectly. The birdies expressions are great. I’m not sure about the green eyes though.

Keep pushing at it.



I totally love the idea in this and the colours look delicious!
The perspective is good, but to my eyes the previous angle worked a little better, because you could see the view below and the turtles challenge better, it gave a bit more feeling to it, a little more depth also. But this is just my opinion and it might look as impressive when you get the details on the rocks etc, it looks really great already!!

Good luck!!
(my challenge is just at sketch level, so I really don’t have the right to comment on such nice work…)


[color=deepskyblue]Dominus: Thanks, the idea seems to seems to please many people, and looks good for me too…;). I make improvement on colors, as you can see…:).Give your opinion again man![/color]

[color=deepskyblue]GutoSposito: Thanks! I thought a while before putting something on paper, ops, screen…;)[/color]

Glad you like! See the update!

Good luck for you too man!

[color=deepskyblue]Djampa: Hi Eduardo! Nice surprise see a post of yours here! I can imagine how hard is to find time and energy to finish the movie, but man, the character of your movie that I saw in my first visit on Melies is one of the things that make me get certain that I ´m doing the right thing on go studying 3D. And as soon you finish the movie your cg folio will have a impressive piece! No doubt! I wanna be in the crowd at vernisage![/color]

Thanks, I trying to pass the idea without loosing focus, with interesting angle , and I made a improvement on colors, see and say what you think.

Best wishes!

Well, at least my Melies classmates know that I’m in the challenge, need to improve my propaganda…haha

Ed Parkinson (EdP-Art)

Thanks, I glad you like concept and birdies expression, I try to pass their surprise on seeing such strange thing coming out of the egg. I will work more in their eyes still, keep tracking the updates!

Good Luck for you!

Sirkku Tuomela (Sirkkusylvia)

Oh, very thanks to yours comments Sirkkusylvia, I´m glad you like! I understand your point of view, and I will try to pass depth and more details on this image to show better the challenge she is up against. I don´t like that massive block of rock that in put in her front in the previous image, it seems strange in the composition, but it has a really wide view. I did some sketcks before starting this new one, maybe I put them here too. And I happy to heard your opinion, no matter your work is in the sketch stage still, you have the same right to comment as if it is finished…;).Keep commentating!

Good Luck for you too!:slight_smile:


looking very good so far :slight_smile:

im really glad that you have been trying to keep those beautiful colours! thay are looking great and i think thats what really make this work stand out to me!

im looking forward to seeing how you do the turtle…i have one as a pet and i love them!

also the birds are looking pretty cool…i think they could use a little work on the eyes (they look a little dry?)

i really love the sky :slight_smile:

keep at it and keep it up :slight_smile:


Hi Cyber!

It’s a satisfaction to me to get knownlege that you keep liking and looking to my work!
Oh yeah! I´ve been trying, not just to keep, but improve colors…:wink: But still there is a long way to go, I need to find time. Really, you got a Turtle pet? That´s nice, one of positive points is that you don’t have to worry about she tryies to runnaway throught the house gate to the street, like my dog does, he is terrible
:slight_smile: .The birdies eyes still need light and shadows, that’s why they’re with this “dry” aspect, . As soon as possible I will update the turtle, the sky, and all the image, keep looking!:slight_smile:

Best wishes!