The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Clint Cearley


This looks amazing! The atmosphere and colour is perfect,:slight_smile: even parts of the characters could be mistaken for a photo at first glance. Good luck with judging!


everybody missed that but that’s excellent.congrats


SideAche - thanks!

Riddick - yeah, I didn’t do such a great job of providing steps but the final came out well :slight_smile: and best of luck to you too!

jeromoo - Can’t say I’m familiar with the Max Payne graphic novels but I’m sure they’re cool :wink: The pocketwatches have a little relevence to the story but really are unnecassary, it’s one of the times I added something for my own pleasure. Thanks for the comments man!

werepumpkin - I keeped looking at the journey direction issue and decided to try and resolve it without using the balloons anymore. I put in some streams that lead to the focal point on the horizon and intensified the light there to resemble a sunrise. I appreciate hearing your thoughts and best of luck to you!

RasselTassel - :slight_smile: no, no website but I plan to put up some pieces on here later

MichaelZHsee - It seems the longer you’re looking at a piece the less qualified you become to judge whether things work or not so it’s wonderful to hear that the image comes across that way. All the best to you as well!

tuck - yeah, made it with a couple of hours to spare!

reiv - thanks for the comment and best to you in the final!

burpy - thanks man!

cgoz - appreciate it!


Poet, this is amazingly gorgeous and very photo-realistic. Definitely a top candidate.

My only complaint, is that I wish you would have posted more updates. Perhaps there’s a reason or I’m missed a page, the transitions seems rather dramatic. I would have loved to seen more subtle stages of the children’s development (close-ups, roughs and such)

In any case, superb work. :thumbsup:


Clint, this great and very atmosphere picture. I think about my dream, and my children room, about my children garden, this image to need think about it. Very enigmatically. My congratulation!!!:thumbsup:


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