The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


haha - most hilarious :slight_smile: Well done … good luck with the details and all :slight_smile:


After I saw all 3 idea you do, I’m really love the way you think about cute journey especially the mice in a little car will blowing in high speed with that racing car above them. Sound’s fun when they start the race hee hee

Love your piece!


Hi SideAche nice job on the artwork man best of luck.


You’ done! Great piece, I like the idea very much. Maybe darken the cars a little bit so our main characters jump out?


Looks great! Just curious if you thought about putting some battle damage or road ware anywhere on the cars? Are you still thinking about putting the license on the front of the car?


Just working up the final image.


Really love the colors…this has been one of my favorites for a long time. Looking forward to seeing the final final! …seems pretty much perfect!


Thanks Ocean, this one is pretty much done. I don’t think I’ll start another. I’ll just spend a bit more time cleaning up, though not too much. I like to keep it somewhat painterly.


I’ve been followinfgthe development of this piece and you’ve created a really dynamic and painterly, not to mention humerous piece of work, thumbs up!


very clever – and beautifully executed!!! what a wonderful piece. my jaw drops in awe, that’s all i can say…


A few more adjustments


Dropping by to see how things are going. I see that u worked out the perspective and corrected that. Looking really nice! Looks like ur journey is nearing the end, good luck! Will check back for the final on this image!:thumbsup:


Thanks Bryce.


This is looking great, Cliff. I can hardly find anything to crit at all… maybe just more light coming through the windows of the big turqouise Mini-Cooper? (Looking in, all the windows look opaque.) But that’s not all that important. Just keep going and refining those details!
Almost done…



Hi SideAche,

Very nice composition.
Good narration too!


I like your idea and painting style although the colors aren’t of my personal taste :smiley: Good luck :thumbsup:

PS: Sometimes I wanna be a mouse… But In this case I don’t:p :smiley:


Thanks Mike, good call.

Thanks Sunny,

Thanks Elgrozni


Thanks Jonathan

Thanks Kevin


Well, here is this first one basically finished.


im sorry but I like this ship onea lot more then the car one. such a stronger message, better colors, and ah! reminds me of king kong before Anne Darrow is about to get on The Voyage…so cool!