The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


this is great SideAche! Love the composition. Its working quite well. I love how the little yellow car has a smiley face :slight_smile:


Great concept :slight_smile:


Hi Cliff, cool stuff here! This makes me look forward to Pixar’s Cars even more!!! Is it coming out this year? The underside of the bigger cyan-coloured car… shouldn’t there be some light showing under it too according to perspective? I could be wrong though. I like your painting style! All the best with this one!


Wonderful concept idea! Simply love the way you mix realism and cartoon style.
Though I must agree with jeromoo there should bee light shining trough underneath the car.
Could give a nice siluett of the mice drivers and make them stand out more to I feel.


wow this is new, so well done too! :thumbsup:



I’m tightening up the other car and working on the ground. I also lightened under the car a bit.


this is looking really special now. Very accomplished and very clear. I love the details too, like the reflection just in front of the mouse car. definitely one of my favourites. good luck.


Coming along nicely, Cliff. I like the lighter (again) underside area on the car, I think it reads more believably. Nice turquoise touches on the side of the red Mini, hope you’ll keep going with those. And the mouse poses - I didn’t get to comment earlier but they all look great. Looking good, and plenty of time left to refine it more. Great work!

Oh, and one question: If that is actually your car, is one of the pilots you?



No, they’re just made up. I put someone that resembles me in the other Mini illustration and I caught some slack for it from my buddies. Thanks for the FB


hahahahaha cool:) idea is funny.characters and perspective looks awsome!car is greate


I added a bit more detail to the cars. This is getting close to being done.


the mice car idea really rocks, stick to it, please! :smiley:


Hahaha, very cute piece here! I like the idea very much! It feels very french for some reason! haha Keep on going with the colouring!

Good luck!:thumbsup:


this is looking great man, improvements every time. I like the little mouse putting the rope on the front of the car, nice idea =) one sharp turn though and those mice are gunna fly =O



This looks great - I especially like the headlights - If I had to change something I would add more warmth to the shadows underneath the car, or maybe just lighten it up to highlight the mice more - and once again, well done.

Scott S


Hey Cliff, really fun neat image – very good work! The ears of the second mouse from the right look a bit funny…? Colors are great…kind of capture a 70s photo feel. Good luck!


Hi! Very cute idea! In my view it’s one of the best which I saw. I can
envy courage of these small mice. :slight_smile: It’s a pity they are devoid of
an opportunity to travel independently. Good luck!


very cool idea! am impressed with your ingenuity and execution. great work…


:slight_smile: He He He …great work Cliff

Not sure if the journey will be a long one, but should be one hell of a ride!!

Love the style and characters, especially details such as mouse pulling rope taught…

Great stuff


I have corrected the issues with the older mouse with the race schedule in his hands. Thanks for the FB.