The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


I like your mice race. very funny.:thumbsup:


Haha fuuny concept, like your idea and the start looks great

Keep it up :thumbsup:


The painting of the car is impressive, very good job


Cool concept indeed. :thumbsup: One suggestion though- Maybe the mice should be white? they will stick out more in a none dark color…


HAHA, my eyes lit with delight when I saw this. Reminds me of something Disney would make. I seriously love the concept, makes me feel all tickly inside. Great work, keep it up/ :thumbsup:


Great Great Concept!
I can clearly see what’s going to happen next.
A great story in a single frame.

Good luck with the challenge!



I have been buried with work. 4 projects going. Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a bit. Thanks for the FB everyone. I was able to squeeze in an update. I still have to work out the red car.


Hi, I want to say I totally dig this one! Great painting style! Very classic looking! May I ask how the theme come in in this one? Looks like the mice are doing some experiments instead of setting out on a journey.


The mice are tying their car to the Mini. The driver and co-driver of the Mini are in Rally racing gear as are the mouse driver and co-driver. The other mice are preparing the Bug-eyed Sprite, (the yellow car) for the race/journey.


as always start with attitude :slight_smile: great stuff.


Looking Really Good!!
I Really Like The Idea

I Was Wondering What Kind Of Reference You Used For The Cars…is It A Photo Or Some 3d Model Cause It Looks Really Sweet The Way Its Comming Up…

Cant Wait To See The Cars And Mice With More Details…


Great works!
I like both the first one with a mouse couple and the last one with the name “great race”!
Great compositing, and I can “feel” the picture when I see it, don’t know why…


I own the blue classic Mini Cooper. It’s a fun car to zip around in. Funny thing though, when I sketched it out I added a third light and some badging, I thought it looked good that way so I got on ebay and picked up those vintage items and installed them on the car. The Bug-eyed sprite is referenced from one of my kids matchbox cars that is currently sitting on my desk. When I need tight reference, like badging or what-not, I get on line and check out car club websites. Car people will call you on it if you have a Mk1 grill on an Mk 3 car. I would like to find an old Mark 1 Sprite to fix up one day. We kind of like classic cars in our home, so we have lots of reference available.


Hey SideAche, heheh those mice on the yellow little car are simply fantastic. The mini is a car I have always loved. I only find the shadow under the car a blue too deep, very saturated.

But it’s just my opinion…

Excellent work man. :drool:


Thanks Ram, good suggestion!


wow really great idea.maybe you can add a hot chick mice as usual in start work


Excellent idea!
Here it is the present extreme sports!
I think that a mousy will dangle under machine as the adhered can:) … Good style of execution :thumbsup:


I added another mouse, some more detail overall, some water in front of the cars and desaturated under the car a bit.


Hey Cliff looking good dude, keep it up, still one of my favorite entries in this contest!:wip:


hi . it will be nice .watch mine and tell me your idea