The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


haven’t read through all the replys, so sorry if i repeat anyone… but my favorite part of this pic is that the guys car looks all grumpy and mean and the mice’s car looks damn happy to be there. just by flipping the grill.

great stuff,

PS - how many finished pics you dunna do before you settle on a concept? :slight_smile:


Gotta love those Austins!
Great idea and very well rendered.
What if the shadowed area under the blue Austin is really dark and the mouse car has its headlights turned on. Maby the mice round the car could carry some sort of light to.
Just an idea, great work so far!


This one is has to be one of my favorites now hehe, Those little mice putting those ropes on the grill. Hehe nice touch with the grills too, hehe awesome no crits!:thumbsup:


Hi, your idea is really original and funny. Your render skills are awesome. Keep it up, mate.


looking good, just a small crit, from that angle, it looks like the maousecar stands on a little sandheap under the minicooper. i’d expect to see the backtires as well now it looks a bit like a half mini :slight_smile: try use the same vanishing point for all the objects as long as you diodnt spent too much time on the details.

made you a quick grid, its what would take you very little to change, just skew the side of the mousecar a a bit and move the fuelmouse slightly down :slight_smile: hope that helps. your piece is so great and funny, looking forward to your next update :slight_smile: keep up your great work mate!


a very very funny and cool concept and good color work. Have fun


Hi, the car is cool and the concept is interesting but it seems that the right wheel need a little correction.


cool Idea! those are really small characters :slight_smile: I’d like to see a close-up of them


Thanks every one for the comments, FB and CC. Sacha, Thanks a bunch. what may appear to be the bottom of the car is the front panel and front suspension. The eye level as I intially drew it is at the second rung towards the bottom of the grill. I think what may be trowing everybody off is that I introduced some light under the car which gives the illusion of a lower horizon line. Your grid helped to point this out, because the cars shadow should travel all the way back, hence the back tires wouldn’t be seen because of the eye level. Your grid also shows that the red min needs to be adjusted. Eventhough we are looking at two places where the eye level is, your grid helped point out several things, thanks a bunch.


Hi Cliff:

So funny idea, i was thinking of stupid mice that try to tie themselves in tyre of a car,when i first saw your second idea it reminds me with it, very very funny and well done man this mouse trying to tie the rope on ladder is the funniest. i realy like those car models they look better than drawing a modern ones.

i’ll keep my eye on this, :applause: .


I darken under the car and fixed some of the perspective lines on the red mini. I’ll have to bring back some of the detail on the mice now. I still need to tweak the yellow bug-eyed sprite


Haha, great image! Funny concept and very well drawn so far…good job. :slight_smile:


Hi Cliff, your piece is looking great!



Hi Cliff ^^

I really like your new idea with the cars. This would totally have alot of potential to be animated as well. :slight_smile: And I love the british flag on the vendor!!!

This is just an idea, but it may be neat to make the car that the mice are in a wind-up car. Or maybe something that the mice could have built. Anyways, just food for thought ^^.


haha i loved this racing mice stuff the first one was more epic though but each of them looks great.

im curious about whats more to come:)


Thanks for the comments and CC. Sorry, I haven’t been on the forum in a bit, juggling a few projects for the next few weeks. I’ll be back at it after that or when a window of opportunity opens up.


hahaha a very funny and cool idea. I wish you good luck with it!:thumbsup:



hi there! just a thought… its ok to have a shadow under the big car, but there should be a light line in the back under the car… it cant be like its a night or something back there… there is still a source of a light in the other side of the car. I hope u know what do I mean… otherwise tell me and I’ll sketch it :slight_smile:


Hi Cliff!

Haha…this is just such a cute concept! Couldn’t help but laugh (only because its good!) when I saw the small one on the left holding onto the rope. Really like the idea, and the use of mice!

Man…the car looks so real!


YOur last concept is truly original, love the cut of the image and the colours.
keep it up and good luck! :thumbsup: