The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


First color block in. My favorite color for the old classics is surf-blue.


well, you definatly are capable of catching perspectives.
i love your style and everything…
but why not finishing that mouse-piece, THEN thinking about yet another concept?
i’d be killing you if you couldn’t finish any of your ideas before timeline.


:scream:u sure have a thing with mini’s,what happened to the rest of the concepts?


Yeah, I sure do like those little cars. I’m kind of a car nut, especially the classics. The rest is coming.


No worries. We have plenty of time. I’m more of a painterly painter. These competitons allow me to get a few concepts done, then I’ll go with the best. The first mouse piece is done for the most part. Thanks for the concern.


A little more paint, I’ll start to work on the mice next. I had to put a Bug-eyed Sprite in for the mice car.


One more update before bed.


Just visited ur website dude! U do nice sequential art dude, keep rocking it dude!:thumbsup:


Ha-ha! nice idea! Good luck! I love old cars!:slight_smile:


wow! i saw this and instantly thought it was great! I think if you were to put in a backdrop of an old european town, London, or say …New York back in the 40’s, I think this would be pretty damn cool! keep it up man!


Thanks beelow


Yeah, the background needs to be re-thought. thanks.


i liked your ship concept but this is better imo. I love it. Such an original idea and pretty funny too. I would maybe zoom in on the mice though. I’d like to see some emotion on their faces. I imagine they’d be pretty nervous (or extremely brave) at being dragged along at 80mph. Great stuff.


Another interesting piece, Cliff… I like it! Great detail on the front of that car. The angle of the ground is a little confusing. If I just look at the big car it looks like it’s sitting on a flat plane, but if I look at the mouse car, it looks like it’s going down a hill.

I like the cool colors in the sky and main car, and the fact that you’ve cooled off the ground too… what about cooling that red car, too? Maybe you could have a composition where everything is cool except the mouse car. (Also, and this is just a personal preference, but I was never much one for primary color compositions, and you’re getting really close to a red/yellow/blue(ish) palette right now.)

One last thing: Thanks for that drawover you posted on my thread. It was a BIG help, and once you pointed it out, I can’t imagine how I missed it, it was so obvious! Thanks!



adorable and original :applause: and funny…


great concept, very cute.
i agree with Michael about the perspective, but since the piece sill is quiet loose, a few tweaks wont be a problem on this stage :slight_smile: keep it up!:thumbsup:


I love your idea, very funny and original. I don’t have critics, all looks great.


u really r into this minis right? :smiley: great job once again… u should do a whole series of it. The only thing I dont recognise is the black character near the mices car. But its still the starting phase of the painting so Im waiting for more :slight_smile: keep up the awesome work man!


Thanks for the FB. I think i got the perspective better on the Sprite with these changes. I’m starting to add some mice now.


Just another update.