The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


Suddenly with the mice as ‘newlyweds’ both mice are attempting to get on the ship… were as before I kept seeing it as only one mouse was about to embark on the journey…

Great work!



Hey Cliff it looks great! I like the Newlywed mice better than the earlier concepts. I’m still amazed on how quickly you get these done and the quality of your paintings.


Thanks everyone for your crits and encouragement. - Working on some of the suggestions now.


Another update. I bowed the rope more, good suggestion. Also tightened up the characters a bit. I’m more of a painterly painter - trying to keep it consistent.


Now rope looks alot better. Nice improve :thumbsup:


Hewy, Cliff, looking good. I like the costuming, too. Your last post says “Final Coloring”… are you going to do 2 or 3 more now?

Also just saw that you placed again in the latest SCBWI contest - congrats! I started working on an idea for that but decided I didn’t like it… Good thing, too, as I saw several more images on the page just like mine. I guess the animals playing card games and such in a cave" contingent was well represented. I’d like to get back into doing those again but… rainbows? I dunno about rainbows. I keep thinking of twisted, inappropriate takes on them… so hard to do straight. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, good seeing things coming along for you…!



Thanks guys,

Mike, I think I will attempt a couple of more concepts. I just may have the time, though I will clean this one up a bit more.


Great coloring, it is good to have more than one concept so you find out wich one works better, i saw your other images in previous challenges very nice and well done. :applause:


excellent color, perspective and composition. love the story you’re telling here, too. very nice job!


Thanks guys. I’m going to give this one a bit of a rest and work up another concept.


this mouse trip is coming along very nicely…
lovely angle… rope looks better this way


Thought I would come up with another image. This one will have ants moving through the trees towards the picnic table in the back.


Blocking in the environment


Some more color. It’s a bit boring right now because I haven’t introduced any characters at this point.


What great colors- it feels like such a wonderfully relaxing area. I want to go there!


Somehow I’m disapointed to see that you droped the ship idea ;(


Oh no, I’m not dropping the ship idea. It’s basically done, just a bit more detail. There is just so much more time left, I just thought about doing a couple more as personal time permits.


Hi Cliff! I looove the first concept, a real epic sense to it, and the mood is awesome. I’m curious to see how you’ll integrate characters into the second one, as at the moment, the journey doesn’t look all that ‘epic’… and I’m wondering what size the ants will be.

Whatever the case, I’m enviable of your painterly style, looks great!


I agree completely, I will finish the second, but my heart isn’t into the idea. It’s quite average. I have a new idea for another that is much more fun. I will post it later.


Here’s another concept. I’ll be bringing back the mice but this time in a different context. A couple of mice will be attached to the bottom of a classic Mini rally racer in their own auto. They are at the start line with their pit crew making final prep.