The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


great idea


lol… i just realised what i suggested made no sence… for some reson i though that they were trying to get down from the rope to go onto the ship… just ignore me duh!!


I’m starting to add a bit of detail and texture to the ship now. I also fixed the anchor, though haven’t adjusted the shadow yet.


this is great concept


its going really well :slight_smile:
the change to the rope has really made the story alot more clear :slight_smile:
but i dont understand the guy in the lower right…do you really need him/it??? for the story i mean…or is it just just going to confuse…

anyway…its comming up strong :slight_smile:


Lovelly image!


really like this one, refreshing concept. wonder if the latest update is a part of the first composition, or a new one. cuz the first one seemed really humorous to me


don’t leave the rope that colorless now :slight_smile:

pretty good work on the two critters closest to the viewer



Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. I need your help on this one. Do I leave the characters out in the foreground (as here) or do I keep them in.


Keep them in! Now there’s a real hole in the foreground. Second thing I would like to point on is the colour of the light. Where does the warm, orange-yellow light in the foreground comes from? It’s a little too simple to use cool colours like blue in the background and than warm tones in the foreground. For me, you establish a kind of barrier between the different space layers (sorry for my English, I can’t express this more precisely :sad: ), a “border of colours” so to say. The problem is most obvious if one looks at the rope. It’s colour changes in the middle of it’s lenght. That’s not convincing for me.

In the moment l like the backround better than the scene in the foreground, the ships are great, how they are partly coverd by the fogg.


Thanks for the suggestions. The warm light is coming from off screen (foreground right). That is why the rope transitions from warm to cool. I wanted to use warm as a contrast to the cool night, this creates a better focal point. In much of my work, I have the light source off screen.


I’m adding more of the story element now as I start to develop the mice.


Great concept and painting !!! keep it this way !!!
Good luck ! i’ll keep an eye on ya !:scream:


love it! the latest touch with the bride and a honeymoon trip idea. It gives really a lot to a story. No crit at the moment pal, just keep up a good work :slight_smile:


I love you concept! Gives me a great feeling, im really looking forward to see the finished project! Keep it up! You got both my thumbs up!


Just starting the detail on the mice. This one is almost done. I’ll be posting a few more ideas soon.


Nice update Cliff, looking good so far, but one thing I must mention, I am having a hard time understanding why the mice are just occupying the bottom left corner, making it a little bit uninteresting compo. Maybe u want to fill more of the space at the bottom just a tad more. I still like the painting, a lot though, don’t get me wrong! Good luck dude! Will drop by later to check the progress!:thumbsup:


aww , looks great :thumbsup:



just one word… adorable… :applause:


It’s getting realy awesome as detailing up :applause: . I have just one tiny suggestion anyway. That rope leading to the ship is first realy nicely curved but Iater, when closer to ship, it gets perfectly straight. I dont know if it is right or not, actualy, but it doesn’t work with me. I think it shouldn’t be so straight…

Keep it up :thumbsup: